BitNinja Security

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


“Our mission is to make the internet a safer place. BitNinja ServerProtection is a multi-layered security system for web hosting providers. It blocks server attacks at any threat level automatically and makes the troubleshooting of all security incidents easier via a self-service console. We make our clients’ security faster and smarter by hardening the usual security arsenal (WAF, maldet) with an intelligent defense network. We have a real-time IP reputation system against botnets, WAF against web attacks, log analysis against brute force attacks, honeypots against scans, malware detection, and DoS detection.

We have more than 27 000 installs from 80 different countries around the world, and we defend 4.5 million websites. Thanks to our crowdsourcing method, our real-time IP reputation system has historical information about 100+ million IP addresses in its database. Our Source Code Structure Analysis technique is unique on the market. Its malware signature database uses the same crowdsourcing method as our IP reputation system, and it already has more than 18 000 global blacklisted malware signatures.”

How we are different

The Power of the Ninja Community is a global network of protected servers sharing information. The crowdsourcing method makes the system so efficient. With every new server, our Defense Network grows stronger, and this kind of synergistic effect provides high value for our clients. When a BitNinja protected server detects an attack attempt or blocks a malicious request, it sends this information to our cloud datacenter. That’s how we can block known attack types and zero-day exploits as well. This way, all BitNinja servers get immediate protection.

We have traditional methods against the “old-school” malware: MD5, sub-string, and rule-based patterns. To be effective against the latest generation of hidden malware, we invented something new. In order to detect obfuscated malware, we use code structure and code structure snippet analysis technology. When necessary, BitNinja will automatically deobfuscate suspicious code in an isolated sandbox malware lab hosted by us. The Structure Analysis technique behind our malware detection is patent-pending and unique on the market. The malware signature database uses the same crowdsourcing method as our IP reputation system, and it is optimized for speed.

The BitNinja WAF 2.0 makes it easy to manage all your firewall settings from one location, and you can also configure the filter level by domain. By using domain-based patterns, you can change the strictness level by domain or by URL, blocking malicious traffic and allowing genuine traffic to reach each hosted site. This unique feature is only available with BitNinja and makes life a lot easier when managing shared servers. Plus, we are constantly creating new WAF rules to patch the different kinds of zero-day CMS vulnerabilities.