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Company size (employees)400+
Headquarters RegionNorth America


In Q1 2015, Black Duck shipped its first open source security-focused product, the Black Duck Hub. The Hub not only received quick market acceptance, but also won the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC) award for most innovative new product in security. This award spotlighted the Hub’s innovation, value and ease of use.

The Hub instantly scans large amounts of open source software, creating a bill of materials that allows users to identify all open source in use and quickly gain visibility into any known open source security vulnerabilities as well as compliance issues in their code. This information, which is provided by Black Duck’s unmatched KnowledgeBase, is vital as many recent high-profile and costly security breaches have resulted from hackers exploiting known open source security vulnerabilities.

Strategic partnerships with both IBM and Red Hat Black in 2016 are extending Black Duck’s reach in helping companies gain the enormous productivity leverage that well managed and secure open source software enables. IBM, a global leader in security software, recognized the Black Duck Hub’s complementary value and integrated it into its IBM Security AppScan product.

During 2015, Black Duck saw 46 percent overall revenue growth and its employee count grew nearly 30 percent worldwide to 230. The company is expanding its Massachusetts headquarters is on track for similar levels of revenue and headcount growth in 2016.

How we are different

- Open source software has incredible power and value, but improving security is essential

- Organizations lack visibility into the open source they use

- Organizations worldwide use Black Duck products to automate the process of securing and managing open source software, eliminating pain related to open source security vulnerabilities and open source license compliance