BlackBerry Limited

Additional Info

Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


BlackBerry has over 35 years’ experience creating technologies that keep people and businesses secure and productive. Today, we offer smarter, AI-powered security solutions that are more effective, require less resources to support, and produce a better return on investment for users.

BlackBerry’s strategy is to connect, secure, and manage every endpoint in the Internet of Things. Beyond a secure enterprise or secure building, we think about building critical infrastructure, securing utilities, automotive safety, and securing the end consumer. BlackBerry protects business, endpoints, and people, with smarter security solutions that are more effective and require less resources to support, that produce a better return on investment for their users.

BlackBerry’s customers include some of the most sophisticated organizations in the world, including 17 of the G20 governments, 45 of the Fortune 100, eight of the top 10 medical device OEMs, and 77 per cent of Fortune 500 financial service companies.

How we are different

AI-focused: BlackBerry’s product portfolio is underpinned by the most mature true AI model on the market. Its learning intelligence spans back over 20 years and has been tested on 20+ billion real-world data sets to “stop the bad guys at the door” with a prevention first approach. This predictive advantage against some of the biggest threats to emerge is proven by our 2016 model effectively predicting and preventing malware used in some of the most vicious attacks in recent years. As such, BlackBerry products are protecting our customers against attack with a 5-year knowledge advantage over industry awareness.

Endpoint experience: BlackBerry has always been focused on securing our connected future. While this connectivity was once limited to handsets, it now underpins most aspects of our society. From powering the latest healthcare devices, enabling completely self-driving vehicles, to routing the satellites that fuel our internet and telecom networks – secure data is key. As more of the world becomes connected, BlackBerry remains committed to securing all the places where information flows. Today, we secure 96% of the threat landscape and securely connect more than 500 million mobile, desktop and IoT endpoint devices.

End-to-end security: No other vendor has BlackBerry’s encrypted network, the Network Operating Center (NOC), which is the backbone of our company. Our Zero-Trust architecture also uniquely combines an intelligent security architecture with a user experience that requires little to no support from end users or IT admins; a fully frictionless experience with no interruptions – what we like to call the Zero-Touch approach.