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CompanyBoole Server Srl
Company size (employees)20
Type of solutionSoftware


BooleBox is the only truly secure sync and share solution, purposely designed for individuals and businesses who have sensitive data they need to protect. Not only encryption, multiple layers of protection characterize the whole solution to offer users the safest experience possible and restoring in this way the balance between Access and Security.

Unlike other similar services, BooleBox offers complete privacy and control over data (without having any file format limitation), including personal encryption keys, control on authorizations and data access by applying security restrictions without compromise on ease-of-use.
You can encrypt documents even on local devices and while being synced: local files remain private and protected even in case of theft.

Thanks to the Online Editing, users who are collaborating on a project can securely use BooleBox to have one common work space while sharing and cooperating directly in the Web in a confidential and easy way. Office documents can therefore be created or edited no matter where you are or which device you are using: this is possible through the integration with online suites as Office Web Apps / Office 365.

With BooleBox it is possible to attach confidential documents to e-mails with the assurance that no-one can intercept or read them, except from the authorized e-mail recipients.

Public, Hybrid and Private Cloud: BooleBox can be implemented in the company’s environment according to business needs.
As a result of the strong data protection offered by BooleBox, organizations can meet regulatory requirements without sacrificing workflow or productivity.

How we are different

Efficiency & Protection: BooleBox lets you share easily documents applying security features as Anticapture, Deny Download, Deny Edit, Expiration or Watermark, among the others. Encryption is the first protection applied: in transit, using SSL/TLS for data transfer, Encryption at rest, using 256-bit AES and Personal Encryption Keys, that can be set on selected files, to make them even more secure. Two-Step Verification, BooleBox Active Directory Sync and Classification rules are some of the various features that ensure further protection.

Privacy, Control and Ownership of Information: BooleBox ensures its users total privacy, by storing their personal information in encrypted format. An advanced auditing system then contains information about WHO accessed data, WHAT performed operations, WHEN and WHERE.
Through data classification the assignment of document ownership can be easily decided as well as the centralization of Sharing Policies.

Finally, Collaboration: users can collaborate on projects in secure environment while sharing and cooperating directly. Documents can be simultaneously edited online thanks to Office 365 integration and document versioning is ensured too.