Bradford Networks

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America

In 3 bullets, summarize why this company is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

- Bradford Networks has taken traditional NAC to the next level, driving change by enabling the integration of alerts from any security solution with contextual information such as user, application and connections. Network Sentry’s security automation and orchestration technology strengthens detection of the compromised endpoint to accurately prioritize event criticality and determine containment options.

- With the dramatic increase in the number of unsecured IoT and BYOD devices accessing the network, Bradford Networks is providing organizations with an immediate compensating control to limit the actions and damage from IoT devices while awaiting the development of enterprise IoT security standards.

- Bradford Networks is helping organizations bridge the gap between the SOC and the NOC by fully automating visibility, dynamic access control and threat response/triage that takes containment time from days or months to just seconds or minutes.

Brief Overview

Bradford Networks’ Network Sentry has surpassed traditional NAC and evolved into security automation and orchestration technology. Network Sentry is driving industry change by creating a product that becomes the neural epicenter of network security. It seamlessly integrates with any security technology, bridges the gap between the SOC and the NOC, and fully automates visibility, dynamic access control, and threat response/triage. Network Sentry’s integration wizard enables organizations to build a “security village” that integrates various technologies for a solution that incorporates the strongest technology in each different area of security. Network Sentry’s correlation engine gathers the information to increase the fidelity of alerts and improve triage accuracy to create the strongest security posture.

Bradford Networks’ approach focuses on solving some of the biggest IT pain points for companies:

– Drastically streamlines event triage and resolution. Quickly identifies the real security events hidden within thousands of daily alerts, then eliminates time-consuming research by automatically forwarding all contextual information along with alerts.
– Reduces costs. Network Sentry scales easily and almost endlessly. It integrates with other technologies, so forklift upgrades are never required to enhance network security.
– Reduces the burden on IT and security resources. Network Sentry simplifies IT issues by offering automated provisioning and threat response, event triage, and streamlined delivery of contextual information along with prioritized alerts. It saves days of triage and research time for most events.
– Provides visibility and control for insecure endpoints. As the influx of unsecure IoT devices continues, Network Sentry offers complete visibility into the actions of IoT and other devices and provides compensating controls that limit the actions of these devices to mitigate risks.
– Provides analytics and reporting capabilities that can be utilized for compliance.
Network Sentry helps organizations solve real-world challenges and create a strong security posture while facilitating easy, cost-effective growth and management.