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Company size (employees)20
Type of solutionSoftware


BUFFERZONE is an advanced endpoint security solution that protects organizations from a wide range of advanced and targeted threats, including ransomware, zero-days, and drive-by downloads, with patented containment, bridging and intelligence technologies. Instead of blocking, BUFFERZONE isolates probable malicious content from web browsers, email and removable storage while providing the organization with a secure bridge for transferring the data safely to the trusted corporate network. BUFFERZONE maximizes user productivity with seamless, unrestricted access to information, while empowering IT with a simple, lightweight and cost-effective solution for up to thousands of endpoints within and beyond the corporate network. BUFFERZONE complements existing endpoint security platforms to defend organizations from advanced threats that evade detection.

BUFFERZONE’s virtual container gives employees a transparent environment for using Internet applications and removable storage and to open files in popular applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat. If malware reaches the endpoint, it is trapped inside the container where it can’t harm the rest of the endpoint or the enterprise network. The contents of the container are wiped periodically so to permanently remove malware from the computer.

BUFFERZONE also provides critical intelligence for enterprise-wide security analytics to enable correlation of high risk events. Easy to deploy and configure, BUFFERZONE is a lightweight solution that works seamlessly with leading management platforms to provide cost-effective application sandboxing for up to thousands of endpoints. BUFFERZONE protects Windows endpoints inside and outside of the corporate network. BUFFERZONE is certified compatible with McAfee ePO and LANDESK and supports Windows 7 and up.

How we are different

● BUFFERZONE offers effective and simple protection from new threats that are impossible to detect with conventional technologies.
● BUFFERZONE’s Virtual Container provides a secure, isolated environment for accessing content from any potentially risky source including internet browsers, removable media and e-mail.
● BUFFERZONE provides a transparent user experience and unrestricted internet access for increased productivity