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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionAsia


Since the establishment of Bugbank in 2012, its rapid development status has been recognized by various government departments and media. And Bugbank has been appointed as the designated security unit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit, the designated unit of the 19th Security Cooperation of Shanghai and Chengdu, and also appointed as a strategic cooperation unit for threat intelligence sharing of the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission. Furthermore, Bugbank has won a number of important industry qualifications, including ISO9001 quality management qualifications, the National Vulnerability Library CNNVD support unit, First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security of PRC special product sales license(enhanced), national information security integration qualification(level 3) and information security level protection safety construction service qualification.

Since the establishment of the company, Bugbank has made a lot of achievements and has been awarded the “Most Development Potential” and Most Investment Value Enterprise by Hurun Report and Forbes China. It is worth noting that the company has been recognized by top investment institutions such as Softbank China Venture Capital(SBCVC). In 2015, Bugbank won the A round of financing from SBCVC and won B round of financing of Puhua Capital in 2017. Bugbank has thousands of users in China, distributed in the financial, securities, Internet, e-commerce and other industries.

How we are different

Bugbank is the first to propose a new theory of open security in the world, taking the attack into enterprise revenue as the core. And by enhancing the security immunity of the IT system, the IT system as a whole is built for open security. Accepting the fact that security is dynamic and there must be security risks, using the principle of anti-fragility mechanism, constantly using security issues to upgrade immunity. Hence, the immunity to more security issues is improved, including immunity against unpredictable security issues.

Bugbank is the first information security company to locate city security. In view of the city security issues such as the large scale of information systems and the difficulty of security management and in city security, Bugbank refers to the international next-generation automatic vulnerability diagnosis system design system, based on an institution application threat risk model OWASP-TRM to build a new next generation of vulnerability comprehensive diagnosis and discovery platform-Bugeyes. Bugeyes responsible for threat warning and defence of information systems in the city area, responding to threats at the city level, covering zero-day vulnerabilities, general vulnerability discovery, passive scanning and automated detection, effectively solving city security problems and maximizing the discovery of high-risk vulnerabilities and critical risks. Timely early warning and repair to eliminate serious network security incidents in the enterprise within the city.

Bugbank takes the lead in realizing AI technology to the security field, leading-edge technological breakthroughs such as intelligent immune defence and proactive vulnerability discovery through AI technology. Through deep learning and analysis of security threat occasion, attacker behaviour, vulnerability types, vulnerability data, etc., the unknown attacks can be actively understood and identified, and realize zero-day warning and response to security threats such as data leaks, server privilege and malicious virus software to eliminate potential threats.