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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
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Bugcrowd enables businesses to innovate and do everything proactively possible to secure their organizations, reputations, and customers against cyber-attacks. Bugcrowd helps customers reduce the risk of breaches by improving security visibility and helping fix potential points of exposure through the activation of the global security researcher/ethical hacker community.

Most organizations lack the resources and diversified skills to find hidden vulnerabilities before attackers do. Bugcrowd has re-envisioned crowdsourced security with a platform-powered approach that activates the right researchers to meet organizational needs and environments at the right time, with all operational details fully managed in the cloud and everything fully integrated with existing security and development workflows.

The Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform™ utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable the scale, consistency, and continuous improvement that siloed tools and consulting cannot deliver. Bugcrowd’s platform is built on a decade of accumulated crowdsourced knowledge about vulnerabilities, assets, researcher impacts, and environments. The Bugcrowd platform encompasses a range of security solutions, including:

Bugcrowd PTaaS: The modern, streamlined approach to targeted

security testing. With this solution, customers can discover vulnerabilities continuously or on-demand.

Vulnerability Disclosure Programs (VDP): Invites the crowdsourcing world to report critical vulnerabilities found in an organization’s public-facing assets. VDP is a “neighborhood watch” program that aligns with best practices such as NIST and GDPR, while delivering security maturity that customers can see and value.

Bug Bounty Programs: A highly efficient way to incentivize the discovery of new vulnerabilities as they emerge, with scope and rewards predetermined by an organization’s needs. Customers can count on Bugcrowd for end-to-end support on every Managed Bug Bounty program, based on best practices from thousands of customer experiences.

Attack Surface Management (ASM): Bugcrowd ASM is the first solution to reduce the risks of

How we are different

Bugcrowd’s unique approach to security utilizes crowdsourced researchers and the industry’s most advanced platform to deliver unmatched value. On average, it takes customers just 72 hours to launch a new Bugcrowd program, which leads to a twofold increase in finding high impact vulnerabilities when compared to competitors. Bugcrowd has achieved a 99%+ success rate in meeting customer service level objectives.

Bugcrowd offers the industry’s most modern, flexible, and cost-effective Security Knowledge Platform which is automated through machine learning and data analytics developed over a decade of experience. This SaaS-based platform gives organizations an ability to scale up to meet new needs. The knowledge base incorporates AI engines to match organizations with expert teams of triage specialists who vet and prioritize ongoing findings to guarantee coverage for the broadest spectrum of use cases. Along the way, customers get real-time visibility into their progress and results.

Bugcrowd is built upon the power of The Crowd. Crowdsourced vulnerability testing is proven and now mainstream. Bugcrowd’s CrowdMatch technology utilizes Machine Learning models and data to find and activate ethical hackers for specific customer needs, leading to more motivated researcher teams and better results. As the leading crowdsourced security solution, Bugcrowd always has access to expert talent. Customers don’t have to wait until elite resources become available to protect their digital assets.