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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionEurope


F-Secure has driven innovations in cyber security for three decades, defending top banks, airlines, and enterprises along with millions of consumers. As the pandemic spread across the world in 2020, F-Secure helped enable businesses around the world who were forced to push much or all of the operations remote. A series of free webinars along with key research from the company’s Tactical Defense Unit supported key personnel charged with securing an often amorphous perimeter, often within days. At the same time, F-Secure’s breakthrough connected home solution won recognition around the globe for flexible deployments executed via partnerships with service providers and leading Wi-Fi device makers.

F-Secure has the most annual ‘Best Protection’ AV-TEST awards, industry-leading advanced attack detection capabilities confirmed by MITRE ATT&CK® evaluations, and 2020 Customers’ Choice for Vulnerability Assessment in Gartner Peer Insights. Nobody has better visibility into real-life cyber attacks than F-Secure. The European cyber security pioneer is closing the gap between detection and response, utilizing the unmatched threat intelligence of hundreds of our industry’s best technical consultants, millions of devices running our award-winning software, and ceaseless innovations in artificial intelligence

“Whenever we face any challenge, we go back to F-Secure and the company promptly comes to help us. Working with F-Secure is a profitable way to grow our business with more satisfied customers, and we’re looking forward to continuing our relationship.”
Manish Mehlawat, MD, Aarna Global Infotech Solutions

How we are different

1) For 30 years, F-Secure has protected millions of home users, small businesses, corporate organizations and the companies that provide the backbone for internet providers. The company has driven innovation in cyber security, with comprehensive, award-winning offerings for consumers and businesses. It protects over 100,000 corporate customers in corporate product business, more than 300 enterprises served through consulting and tens of millions of consumer customers protected through consumer security products
2) F-Secure technology combines machine learning with the human expertise of its world-renowned security labs for a singular approach called Live Security. Its elite cybersecurity specialists assess more infrastructure, tackle more threats and run more investigations than any other vendor; this insight and intelligence is used to update and improve F-Secure’s endpoint protection, vulnerability management, cloud protection and breach detection and response products.
F-Secure provides premium cybersecurity consultancy services, collaborating with customers to build cyber-resilient businesses by testing and developing cybersecurity measures with a holistic view to people, processes and technology. F-Secure’s consumer product range has also undergone a revamp with F-Secure TOTAL providing premium cybersecurity.
3) F-Secure products are underpinned by the leading-edge technologies and services created in its Labs, where teams conduct anti-malware analysis and digital security research. The teams investigate the latest threats and security trends, in close cooperation with industry partners and recognised infosec authorities. These research findings are then used to develop and advance the systems and technical expertise needed to protect users from threats to their digital security. For example, research released in April 2018 – Ghost in the Locks – discovered how hotel room locks around the world can be hacked using a master key. In 2020, F-Secure Consulting earned the rare distinction of becoming one of Amazon’s Authorized Security Labs (ASL) trusted to assess Alexa Built-in devices against Alexa Voice Services’ (AVS) security requirements