Carbide Builds True Security; Avoids the “Rubber Stamp” Compliance Trap

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


When targeting enterprise buyers, startups face intense scrutiny over their information security and privacy posture. Big enterprises and those in highly regulated industries want to know with certainty your company is prepared to keep their customer data safe. If you can’t, those potential customers will move on to a competitor who can, killing a company’s growth trajectory.

Yet many of the available solutions only focus on getting customers through their next audit, essentially “checking the box” on security and privacy. This approach inevitably builds up security debt that leaves your organization vulnerable to growing cyber risk and at a serious disadvantage to meet the security requirements of future prospects and auditors.

Carbide breaks through the status-quo ‘checkbox’ approach, helping customers transform security and compliance from a risk to a competitive advantage.

Unlike other ‘checkbox’ type solutions, Carbide is rooted in the holistic development of your security program, rather than just compliance with a given framework. As a result, it’s a better solution to support customers as they grow. We align your security and compliance efforts to your corporate growth trajectory, helping you pragmatically define, implement, manage, and scale your security program to create – not detract from – business opportunity.

Anchored around security and privacy best practices and broken down into plain English, Carbide’s unique platform makes enterprise-class security – and compliance – accessible to organizations of all sizes. Carbide’s comprehensive list of services and team of experts are available to support the unique security, privacy, and compliance goals of organizations across industries. Offering step-by-step guidance startups need to design and implement strong security and privacy, established security teams gain back valuable time by capitalizing on the automation and efficiency provided by the platform.

How we are different

Carbide’s platform focuses on making security and compliance simple, accessible, and sustainable, enabling startups to build security and privacy into their company’s DNA. Carbide’s policies are automatically tailored to the needs of your business, determined by your answers to a series of specific questions, eliminating hours of policy review, editing, and validation.

While some competitors focus solely on individual frameworks or legislations, Carbide recognizes that most SaaS companies will need to comply with multiple frameworks as they mature, driven by customer requirements, industry best practices, compliance requirements, types of data collected, and geographic regulations. Purpose-built for multi-compliance, Carbide’s policies and tasks are simultaneously mapped against a variety of frameworks and legislations, giving you the foundation to fulfill every compliance need.

By providing a programmatic security foundation that grows with the business, Carbide makes it easy to adhere to and demonstrate compliance with evolving security and privacy best practices. No matter how security best practices evolve, Carbide enables you to keep pace and ensure your organization remains compliant even when selling into the biggest names in the enterprise.