Carbide Streamlines the Journey to GDPR Compliance

Additional Info

Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Despite clearly defined requirements, GDPR compliance can be overwhelming to understand, navigate, and achieve – especially if you are a high-growth startup without the resources for a dedicated privacy/security team.

Achieving GDPR is a journey and the Carbide Information Security Management platform makes it easy to navigate. We break it all down, providing a clear plan, pre-populated tasks, a robust project management interface specific to GDPR needs, and an easy way to measure, manage, and report on progress.

We develop custom policies to address more than 24 company-specific policies and procedures required to protect data Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. A wizard-driven interface takes the hard work out of drafting those policies and in just minutes provides a set of tailored policies clearly mapped to GDPR requirements.

Our platform then identifies the roadblocks hindering your path to compliance. A predefined list of GDPR tasks and necessary improvements flagged by a risk assessment and/or penetration test, clearly outline just how far you are from GDPR.
Armed with that insight, our integrated Implementation Plan provides clarity on all five control types and the timeline and resources needed to meet the requirements, address identified vulnerabilities, and reduce security risks. The customized plan includes practical, technical recommendations and automated workflows, saving countless hours of project management and research. At a glance, you can identify outstanding items, tardy task owners, policy acceptance rates, and next steps.
Finally, the platform accelerates the audit process with reporting and audit capabilities that simplify evidence collection and provide auditors direct read-only access to your policies, reports, and controls.

With the help of Carbide, you’ll be able to achieve GDPR compliance and then maintain it even as you grow, without spending hours that would otherwise be wasted on managing, exporting, emailing, and updating various spreadsheets/documents to prove compliance.

How we are different

1) Unlike other products, Carbide's platform focuses on making security and privacy simple, accessible, and sustainable, enabling startups to build security and privacy into their company’s DNA. By providing a programmatic security foundation that grows with the business, Carbide makes it easy to adhere to and demonstrate compliance with GDPR, Soc2, HIPPA and others. No matter how security best practices evolve, our platform enables you to keep pace and ensure your organization remains compliant even when selling into the biggest names in the enterprise.

2) Unlike one-size-fits-all templates that require manual customization, Carbide's policies are automatically tailored to the needs of your business, determined by your answers to a series of specific questions, eliminating hours of policy review, editing, and validation.

3) Carbide's user interface is meticulously designed to make managing information security as painless as possible. Our modern, user-friendly design makes it simple for all security participants to manage their tasks and report on progress regardless of their role or security knowledge.