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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Carbon Black is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing cybersecurity startups. Earlier this year, the company went public – successfully completing its IPO after having raised more than $190 million during its life as a private company. Carbon Black is trusted by more than 4,600 organizations worldwide, including one third of the Fortune 100. The reason for Carbon Black’s success is simple – we’re making cybersecurity easier for defenders and cyberattacks harder for would-be hackers.

Over the years, Carbon Black been a leader in endpoint security. The company created the application control and endpoint detection and response (EDR) categories, and pioneered next-generation antivirus. With the CB Predictive Security Cloud, Carbon Black has continued to deliver an extensible platform enabling organizations to address known and unknown threats using big data analytics. Through steady improvements and additions to the platform such as the recent CB ThreatHunter, Carbon Black has constantly maintained its position on the cutting edge of the cybersecurity landscape.

In addition to providing best in class security solutions, Carbon Black has developed a strong reputation for providing unique and insightful threat research, such as the Quarterly Incident Response Threat Report (QIRTR) and the timely Cryptocurrency report (released in the height of the crypto boom, providing investors and consumers with vital information), that are seen as definitive resources on the topics they cover, garnering widespread and top tier coverage upon their release and continuing to be cited regularly by security writers and researchers alike well after their publication.

How we are different

A highly successful startup, Carbon Black emerged in the highly competitive cybersecurity landscape to become one of the biggest names in the space as it continues to expand

Carbon Black boasts 4,625 plus customers including 33 of the Fortune 100.

Carbon Black customer Trevor Albrecht, system administrator at DraftKings, spoke to how the PSC addressed key challenges, saying: “The business problem we were trying to solve prior to picking Carbon Black was the same one that all IT departments are trying to solve – trying to find a really comprehensive security solution without impacting the behavior of our endpoints and the usability of them. We needed something that was going to keep us safe while allowing our users to work.”