CardinalOps Detection Posture Management

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionMiddle East
Type of solutionSoftware


CardinalOps’s AI-driven, cloud-based platform continuously audits an organization’s readiness to defend against the most used and dangerous attack methods utilized by malicious actors as laid out in the MITRE ATT&CK framework. With CardinalOps, organizations can close critical security gaps, optimize their security techniques and gain comprehensive visibility into their detection posture management.

CardinalOps’ mission is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization’s existing SOC tools through their cloud-based platform that is defining a new cybersecurity category focusing on leveraging proprietary AI and API-driven automation. While automation has been applied to monitoring and incident response in the past, the core detection engineering function that is critical to managing security infrastructure has remained stubbornly manual, prone to gaps and errors, and ineffective. Detection engineers still manage their tools with spreadsheets and lists, despite facing growing attacker sophistication and increasingly complex IT infrastructures.

Unlike current manual approaches, CardinalOps’ AI-driven platform does the job of teams of skilled detection engineers with years of experience – but 10x faster and without the risk of human error. In addition, unlike out-of-the-box rules and generic detection content from community sites, it delivers deployment-ready detections auto-customized to your organization (log sources, field mappings, thresholds, etc.). Deployment is frictionless and takes less than an hour. The platform integrates via the SIEM/XDR’s native API to extract information about its configuration, data sources, and rulesets. Raw log and event data never leave the SIEM, ensuring security and privacy. Additionally, the CardinalOps service is SOC-2 certified, ensuring that sensitive data is protected by best practices at all times.

How we are different

• CardinalOps’ cloud-based platform continuously audits a customer’s existing SIEM/XDR for missing and broken detection rules and automatically delivers best practice recommendations and metrics, mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. This has historically been a manual process for security operations teams and, in some cases, something that isn’t being done at all. The CardinalOps Detection Posture Management Platform provides visibility and actionable remediation steps to reduce the risk caused by critical security control gaps.
• CardinalOps’ key advantage is automatically delivering deployment-ready detections that have been customized to the customer’s environment (log sources, field mappings, exclusions, thresholds, naming conventions, etc.) and can be quickly deployed to the SIEM/XDR with the touch of a button (or API call to the platform) -- detections can also be validated using the customer’s own SIEM/XDR historical data.
• CardinalOps has built a massive graph database of over 5,000 best practice detection rules obtained from enterprise SIEM/XDR deployments across diverse industry verticals including financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, hospitality, and MSSPs/MDRs.