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CompanyCato Networks
Company size (employees)40
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The Cato Cloud connects all of an enterprise network’s elements, including branch locations, the mobile workforce, and physical and cloud datacenters, to a global, encrypted and optimized network in the cloud. With all WAN and internet traffic consolidated in the cloud, Cato applies a set of enterprise grade network security services to protect the traffic at all times. This Cato Cloud is seamlessly and continuously updated by Cato’s dedicated networking and security experts, to ensure maximum service availability, optimal network performance, and the highest level of protection against emerging threats. The customer’s IT staff doesn’t have to take any action to patch or update software. Therefore, there is no trade off of usability and functionality with security in Cato’s innovation. It reduces complexity and costs, while maintaining the highest level of network security.

The Cato Cloud is comprised of two complementary layers. The first is the Cato Cloud Network. This is a global, geographically distributed, low-latency and SLA-backed network of PoPs, interconnected by multiple tier-1 carriers. Enterprises connect to Cato over optimized and secure tunnels using any last mile transport (Internet, MPLS, 4G/LTE). The second layer is Cato Security Services. This is a fully managed suite of enterprise-grade and agile network security capabilities, directly built into the network. Current services include a next-gen firewall with application control, global VPN, URL filtering, and more.

How we are different

-The Cato Cloud reduces MPLS connectivity costs, eliminates branch appliances, provides direct, secure internet access everywhere and seamlessly integrates mobile users and cloud infrastructures to the enterprise network.

-It is differentiated from other products because it allows users to:
Eliminate distributed networking and security appliances, and the cost and complexity of buying, deploying, upgrading and patching them
Reduce MPLS connectivity costs by offloading internet and WAN traffic to affordable and resilient internet links
Directly access the internet everywhere, without deploying a dedicated on-premise network security stack
Leverage an affordable, low-latency and global WAN between enterprise locations
Strengthen security posture with an agile network security platform that can scale to support any business need and rapidly adapt to emerging threats

-The Cato Cloud builds a new network perimeter, in the cloud, protected by a tightly integrated set of security services. It provides businesses with a simple, affordable and enterprise-grade secure network. It removes the need for costly hardware deployments, management complexities, capacity constraints, outdated software, or restricted visibility. By rethinking networking and security from the ground up, and bringing it to the cloud, this product makes securely connecting businesses simple again. Security needs a new approach, a revolution rather than an evolution, to provide a secure enterprise network for the way we are now doing business. The Cato Cloud is the way of the future for network connectivity and security.