Cb Defense with Streaming Prevention

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Carbon Black
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionSoftware

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• Carbon Black’s Streaming Prevention technology enables its Predictive Security Cloud to stop both malware and non-malware attacks by providing real-time visibility and monitoring in order to visualize the attack kill chain and anticipate an adversary’s next move, stopping attacks before they happen.
• Leveraging unfiltered data collected from millions of endpoints across the Carbon Black footprint, the Predictive Security Cloud, together with streaming analytics and open APIs, delivers a new generation of intelligent security services.
• Unlike competitive solutions, Cb Defense also include Streaming Ransomware Protection that builds upon an event-stream model, rather than the file-based signature approach used by ineffective legacy AV solutions, ensuring full detection and prevention of the latest ransomware attacks.

Brief Overview

Unveiled in February 2017, Carbon Black’s Streaming Prevention technology combines a breakthrough prevention model with market-leading detection and response to stop both malware and non-malware attacks. Streaming Prevention is the core technology powering Cb Defense, Carbon Black’s market leading next-generation antivirus (NGAV) solution, which can instantly see and stop cyberattacks before they execute.

The Streaming Prevention technology prevents cyberattacks by leveraging event stream processing, the same technology that revolutionized algorithmic day-trading on the stock market. Similar to algorithmic day-trading applications, Streaming Prevention continuously updates a risk profile based on a steady stream of computer activity. When multiple, potentially malicious events occur in succession, Streaming Prevention blocks the attack. Legacy antivirus (AV) solutions and static, machine-learning approaches focus on detecting malware at the point-in-time it is written or executed. In contrast, Streaming Prevention empowers security teams to see and stop a cyberattack at any point during the attack cycle, well before a system can be compromised.

Expanding on Carbon Black’s breakthrough Streaming Prevention technology, Carbon Black launched Streaming Ransomware Prevention in September 2017. By building upon an event-stream model, rather than the file-based signature approach used by ineffective legacy AV solutions, Cb Defense was updated to detect and prevent against ransomware attacks. Cb Defense now stops ransomware (even if the attack uses an unknown file or no file at all), works online or offline, protecting systems from the most dangerous ransomware (even if they are disconnected from the corporate network or the cloud), enables smooth operations with virtually no performance impact for end-users and provides no additional resource burden to constrained security and IT teams.

Streaming Prevention is a core technology that also underpins Carbon Black’s Streaming Prevention Cloud, collecting and analyzing unfiltered endpoint data that enables the cloud to make predictions about, and protect against, current, future and unknown attacks.