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Company size (employees)100
Headquarters RegionNorth America


CensorNet is a cloud security company that helps more than 4000 organizations and over 1.3 million users, address the security, audit, compliance and productivity issues associated with the growing use of cloud applications and mobile devices in today’s digital workplace.

Its vision is to allow organizations to correlate events across web, cloud applications, authentication and email through a single centralized management dashboard. By monitoring the data flow across these different channels, it is able to mine vast amounts of data and identify exactly who did what, where and when, and with which application. In the event of a threat, it enables organizations to easily pick up an analytical audit trail of what’s happening and swiftly act on it.

CensorNet was the first security vendor to offer a Secure-Web-Gateway (SWG) with inbuilt Cloud Application Control (CAC), offering cost efficiencies to organizations wanting to reduce the widening security risk gap caused by cloud applications. CensorNet Unified Security Service (USS) integrates adaptive multi-factor authentication with SWG, Email and CAC, putting CensorNet into a rare market position as its adaptive nature allows organizations to control user access and activity across all applications depending on the time, place, and context of login; regardless of where users are.

With the exponential rise of cloud applications in today’s digital workplace, organisations need a 360 view of the data flow across all communications channels and CensorNet’s USS meets this need.

How we are different

CensorNet is a cloud security company and the first security vendor to offer a Secure-Web-Gateway (SWG) with inbuilt Cloud Application Control (CAC).

CensorNet has moved its security solutions to the cloud and launched CensorNet Unified Security Service (USS) – a comprehensive cloud-based security solution that allows companies to monitor and control the use of web, email and cloud applications from a single management dashboard.

Through the use of authentication technology, it helps administrators safeguard access and protect employees against cyber-threats, accidental or intentional leaks of sensitive data, as well as keep organisations safe from the risks associated with cloud applications and Shadow IT.