Centripetal CleanINTERNET

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


The security paradigm that organizations operate under isn’t working. New threats and corresponding breaches are increasing on a near daily basis. At no time in history have organizations spent as much money on cybersecurity solutions to prevent attacks as they do now. But it’s still not working. More than 90% of all breaches are caused by known threats, yet traditional security defenses are still falling short in stopping even preventable attacks. Why isn’t all intelligence being used?

Centripetal provides intelligence-led cybersecurity, protecting organizations from every known cyber threat by operationalizing cyber threat intelligence to secure their network perimeter. We have flipped the script. Instead of reactively responding to breaches, we are proactively preventing them from ever happening. It’s an innovative technology based on real-time intelligence, not on hope. At its core, CleanINTERNET® is the filter that takes all the nasty sediment out of the internet. And what does get through is akin to clean, filtered water.

CleanINTERNET® protects against network infiltration and data exfiltration by integrating live feeds of critical cyber threat intelligence, shielding businesses against known high-risk threats in near real- time. Finally making it easy for any organization to actionably use intelligence to shield their networks.

All security teams face challenges and resource constraints. Centripetal has a 100% customer renewal rate, which is something almost unheard of in the industry, and customers value CleanINTERNET® because it sheds light on otherwise hidden areas. In the past, a security analyst would have to review hundreds of security log pages daily to assess current threat levels. CleanINTERNET® simplifies that process down to a one-page data summary—literally. This highly innovative solution removes the noise and gives customers the necessary actionable information. As a result, security teams become more efficient and functional at a fraction of the time and budget.

How we are different

Centripetal shields proactively against more than 90% of known attacks by checking every packet against billions of cyber threat indicators in real-time. The company provides higher efficiency and effectiveness of existing security defenses by dramatically reducing the events, alerts, and log data of firewall, IDS/IPS, and SIEM platforms by up to 70%.

Maintains real-time visibility into the threat landscape by aggregating and correlating the highest confidence global threat feeds into a single, fully managed service.

Mitigates the cybersecurity skills gap to help overworked teams automatically eliminate known threats, investigate new ones, and identify at-risk devices in the network.