Certificate and Key Management and Automation with AppViewX CERT+

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)AppViewX Inc.
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware

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AppViewX CERT+ is the only certificate management solution on the market that has a built-in automation engine that ties together the entire certificate lifecycle management process and seamlessly integrates with a variety of 3rd party solutions, allowing organizations to automate almost any workflow.

Leveraging the AppViewX platform to manage certificates and private keys end-to-end directly translates to promoting network security in the following ways:

• Ensuring constant availability and uptime of certificates, preventing weak links caused by expired, rogue, or vulnerable certificates

• Avoiding exposure of private keys outside of environments by keeping them within secure vaults or HSMs - this is made possible by our tight integrations with these systems

• Ensuring that personnel adhere to cybersecurity policy, and allowing only authorized personnel to access or interact with PKI

Brief Overview

PKI, in its role as a method of providing encryption, has been a critical component of maintaining network security for decades. It is also understated, given that the activity of managing certificates and keys traditionally does not conform to the agile methodologies followed by most technical teams. Thus, PKI processes are either overlooked (leading to weak links in security) or serve to slow down other processes in the organization since certificate processes are manual, painfully slow, and clouded by legacy operations, leading to almost zero visibility into PKI.

AppViewX is changing this status quo by offering an easy-to-use, centralized certificate and key management platform whose value proposition is built around delivering full visibility into PKI, cryptographic agility, and free-form automation capabilities. The AppViewX platform, at its core, allows teams to locate all their certificates across a variety of Certificate Authorities, inventory and group them, and continuously monitor them to check for vulnerabilities or expirations. It also automates renewals and installations of certificates on endpoints via a GUI-based workflow builder, which can be used to rope in several different IT/security vendors (ITSM, IAM, HSMs, and so on), allowing users to continue to use existing services in conjunction with our certificate management platform, maximizing efficiency.

Enforcing policy is a core strength of the product, by which certificate and key policies can be defined. Furthermore, access to PKI can be restricted and controlled using built-in role-based access control workflows, or by integrating with popular identity management software like Microsoft Active Directory. One of the key areas where AppViewX differentiates itself is workflow automation. By combining an internal visual automation engine with a multitude of industry-standard enrolment protocols, AppViewX can automate entire certificate and key lifecycles from start to finish.