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Company size (employees)3500


22 years ago, before most companies had even heard of the Internet, and before the first commercial web browser was launched, Check Point pioneered the IT security industry by launching the first stateful-inspection firewall. It has continuously built on that leading position, and is now the world’s largest company that focuses purely on IT security with a 30% share of the global security software market. All of the US Fortune 100, and over 90% of the Fortune 500, rely on Check Point solutions to protect their networks and data.

Check Point has taken security way beyond the firewall, with a complete, fully integrated range of solutions to protect against all types of threats: in the cloud, in data centres, on enterprise networks and on users’ mobile devices and PCs.

These solutions are supported by the industry’s most advanced, Next Generation Threat Prevention resources, which deliver a multi-layered line of defense and extensive security intelligence coverage to help combat new and emerging threats. Threat Prevention resources include the industry’s most advanced CPU-level sandboxing, comprehensive security intelligence from the world’s first threat intelligence marketplace, and incident response services. These in turn are backed by Check Point’s cyberthreat research team, which has uncovered and developed fixes for some of the biggest mobile and online vulnerabilities of recent years.

Using its solutions, Check Point customers stay ahead of security threats. By preventing security incidents and keeping costs down without hindering network performance, Check Point customers improve margins and can reinvest in their businesses to stay ahead of competition.
Check Point continues to top analyst reports and market share lists, including Gartner, IDC and NSS Labs, where the company has been recognized for security leadership through significant input from customers globally. Check Point secures the future.

How we are different

- Check Point pioneered the IT security sector before most businesses had even connected to the Internet, and before organisations realised that the web presented a risk to their networks and data. 22 years later, Check Point still leads the IT security industry as the largest pure security vendor.

- Check Point has the industry's most comprehensive, integrated range of solutions. Its solutions range from the ZoneAlarm Free Firewall for consumers, up to the largest enterprise and data centre security appliances, and encompass protection for mobiles and cloud environments.

- Check Point continues to innovate and introduce advanced new protections against emerging threats, such as SandBlast, its unique CPU-level sandboxing solution, and Mobile Threat Prevention, which protects against the latest mobile attacks. 30% of the company is dedicated to research and development to ensure Check Point stays ahead of emerging threats - and to ensure its customers stay ahead of threats too.