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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


CHEQ is the pioneer of Marketing Security, providing the first full-suite security platform for marketers, with over 10,000 customers worldwide, including: Palo Alto Networks, Toyota, Okta, New Balance, Honda, Pluralsight, Lowe’s, Hewlett-Packard, Chanel, Purple, WordPress, ClickUp, Colgate-Palmolive, Paycor and countless others.

*** Why do marketers need a cybersecurity platform? ***

Over 40% of web-traffic is invalid (crawlers, scrapers, proxies, data centers, fake accounts, click-farms and more). Traditionally, the issue of invalid traffic was considered a security threat, addressed by the CISO. But invalid traffic is also disruptive to online business and marketing efforts. Imagine 40% of customers at a brick & mortar store weren’t real. The time, energy and resources wasted on these ‘invalid customers’ would be tremendous. This is the reality online – as websites, funnels, audiences and campaigns are rife with bots and fake users. CHEQ built the first security suite for the marketer, to eliminate invalid traffic from their marketing efforts.

*** Introducing Security for Marketers, the fastest growing category in cyber. ***

CHEQ built the first full-suite security platform for marketers, covering the key domains of the marketing operation:

1. Security for Paid Marketing: Ensuring campaign budgets are only spent of authentic human users.

2. Security for Website Conversion: Ensuring conversion efforts, pipeline and CRM aren’t filled with bots, fake registrations and invalid leads.

3. Security for Data & Analytics: Un-skewing our customers BI and marketing intelligence systems from invalid traffic.

*** Driven by the world’s first Marketing Security Intelligence Engine ***

Founded by graduates of Unit 8200, CHEQ has built the world’s first Marketing Security Intelligence Engine, comprised of:

1. Bot mitigation Engine: Running advanced techniques to prevent invalid bot activity.

2. User Validation Engine: Performing over 2,000 real-time browser tests on every site visitor to ensure authenticity.

3. Behavioral Analysis Engine: Working to detect anomalous activity at both the network and the individual level.

How we are different

1. CHEQ is the first cybersecurity company in the world to build a security solution for the business and marketing team. We've reframed the discussion about bots and malicious activity and have shown over the world that CMO's can buy security product too.

2. CHEQ has driven marketing security forward and built it into a legitimate category, with a rapidly growing customer base of over 10,000 customers, including: Toyota, New Balance, Honda, Lowe's, Hewlett-Packard, Chanel, Purple, Wordpress, ClickUp, Colgate-Palmolive, Paycor and countless others. Even companies in the cybersecurity space, like Palo Alto Networks, Pluralsight, Okta and more, trust CHEQ to secure their marketing operation.

3. CHEQ is the first company to democratize cybersecurity to non-CISO buyers. We've built sophisticated technology on the back-end with an approachable front-end that speaks the language and metrics of marketers and business leaders. We have CMO's, analytics and SEO leaders, revenue and operations leaders, all using CHEQ. Cyber and bot defense is no longer exclusively for the CISO, and this means that security is becoming even more central to every organization's operation and strategy.