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Company size (employees)400-600


Founded in 2010, CipherCloud is the pioneer of the technologies that underpin the CASB market, which Gartner calls the fastest-growing, next billion dollar segment in security.
CipherCloud delivers multi-cloud security and visibility controls that enable Global 2000 companies to accelerate their cloud adoption. While the cloud helps companies outsource infrastructure, they still have the challenge of protecting their sensitive information. CipherCloud addresses these challenges and enables safe cloud adoption through its integrated platform, which provides:
– Visibility: Discover what clouds are in use and where your data is going with multi-cloud DLP, user activity monitoring, and analytics
– Data security: Protect sensitive data continuously and be certain that it’s not exposed to unauthorized users, malicious threats, or forced disclosure
– Compliance: Meet the widest range of requirements for data privacy and legal sovereignty while reducing the scope of compliance audits
– Centralized control: Avoid security siloes and enforce policies consistently across many clouds with a centrally managed platform and comprehensive security dashboards

CipherCloud is the fastest growing cloud security and visibility vendor in the market today. Revenue has grown over 200% in the past 24 months. 451 Group noted the company is positioned at the head of the cloud access security class and is “growing faster than the rest” of the vendors in this space.

CipherCloud has hundreds of Global 2000 customers in North America (US and Canada), Europe (Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Luxembourg etc.) Asia (Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain) and South America (Brazil and the Caribbean), benefiting from its multi-cloud security platform.

CipherCloud holds 17 patents and over the last year we have continued to invest in our multi-cloud security platform including adding 18 new cloud applications to the platform, expanding our out of band monitoring and visibility solutions, and extending our marketing leading database for cloud risk assessment to over 15,000+.

How we are different

• CipherCloud enables global enterprises to acceleration their cloud adoption by overcoming data security, privacy and compliance barriers.
• Our success is validated by:
o Pioneered the “Cloud Access Security Broker” market, as recognized by Gartner, the largest analyst firm.
o $80 million in total venture capital investments. Including a $50 million series B round (Nov 2014) by Andreessen Horowitz, Transamerica Ventures, and Delta Partners.
• CipherCloud protects data for more leading global enterprises than all other vendors in the space combined.