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According to the Ponemon Institute, seventy-six percent of IT professionals say a lack of visibility is their biggest challenge in addressing network threats. Meanwhile, Enterprise Strategy Group says that one in four organizations admit to having difficulty detecting suspicious network behavior or identifying cyber-attacks in progress. With Cisco Stealthwatch, enterprises can obtain pervasive visibility across the extended network for detecting and thwarting insider threats and stealthy attacks that bypass perimeter defenses.

Cisco Stealthwatch collects and analyzes massive amounts of data from your existing network infrastructure to help turn your entire network into an always-on security sensor. By delivering a comprehensive, 24/7 view of network traffic, users, and devices, Stealthwatch enables organizations to more quickly detect suspicious behaviors that could lead to an attack.

Using advanced security analytics, Stealthwatch automatically alerts on a wide range of concerning behaviors to accelerate incident detection and response. In addition to real-time threat detection, Stealthwatch also speeds and improves forensic investigations by storing network data for long periods of time and enabling users to quickly access the information they need with just a few clicks.

Cisco Stealthwatch is used by over 1,100 customers around the globe, including many members of the Fortune 100. Large organizations including HP, Gannett, BlueCross BlueShield, Westinghouse, Experian, and Cisco itself rely on Stealthwatch to obtain the in-depth network visibility and security analytics needed to combat today’s most advanced cyber-attacks. By drawing security intelligence from the network itself, Stealthwatch enables organizations to both maximize existing technology investments and improve network protection.

As part of the Cisco Security portfolio, Stealthwatch delivers network protection that is simple, open, automated, and integrated with other best-of-breed technologies for comprehensive, seamless protection.

How we are different

- Stealthwatch allows you to see things in your network that no other technologies can. By providing pervasive visibility across the network core, edge, data center, cloud, and even branch networks, Stealthwatch’s massively scalable architecture illuminates traditionally dark areas of the network – giving attackers less places to hide.
- Stealthwatch enables you to detect threats faster, dramatically reducing the manual analysis required for threat detection and investigation. Cisco’s median time to detect new threats is 13 hours versus the industry average of 100-200 days.
- Stealthwatch is part of a comprehensive Cisco Security solution. As enterprise networks become more complex, the amount of security tools needed to defend organizations from every new attack is growing exponentially. And unfortunately, having many disjointed point products can result in dangerous network blind spots. Stealthwatch works alongside a full portfolio of Cisco Security products to provide more seamless protection.