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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Claroty
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

Since its fall 2016 launch, Claroty has enjoyed an extended period of tremendous momentum and achievement. During this time, the company has differentiated itself in several areas:

• A Singular Platform: Claroty competes with other ICS/OT security vendors and a growing list of vendors who have followed Claroty’s lead and attempted to imitate its approach. While these competitors offer point solutions, Claroty delivers a single pane of glass for continuous threat detection, secure remote access (for third-party vendors) and enterprise management. As such, the company stands alone as the only provider offering a full suite of solutions in one platform.

• Global Customer and Partner Traction: Serving and targeting the S&P 500, and Fortune 500 and 1,000 communities, Claroty has secured multiple seven-figure deals with thousands upon thousands of devices monitored. Currently, the Claroty Platform is deployed in complex enterprise-class production environments in 10 vertical markets across 6 continents. Additionally, Claroty has approached the market with a determination to partner with the world’s largest industrial control vendors, systems integrators and security companies. Over the past year, Claroty has quickly become the strategic partner of choice for high-profile brands such as Rockwell, Schneider Electric, Cisco and Accenture.

• Unmatched Executive Leadership: Earlier this year, Claroty named former Executive Chairman, CEO and Chairman of the Board of FireEye Dave DeWalt as Chairman of the Board. With more than 20 years in the technology space, Dave brings a track record of identifying innovative, high-growth security companies and fueling their market dominance. In addition to his deep security industry expertise, Dave’s role as Vice Chair of Safety and Security on the Delta Airlines Board of Directors provides him with an intimate understanding of the issues confronting OT network operators across nearly every major industry. With his unparalleled expertise, Dave solidifies Claroty as the one-to-watch in ICS/OT security.

Brief Overview

The Claroty Platform is designed to address the unique safety and reliability requirements necessary to protect ICS, SCADA, IIoT and other critical networks. Claroty dives deep into control networks to uncover hidden issues, and generates actionable insights to secure and optimize the most complex Operational Technology (OT) environments. The Claroty Platform extracts critical data by monitoring all network communication, establishing a high-fidelity baseline model for rapid detection of anomalous behavior. Combining native OT knowledge with advanced models and algorithms, Claroty produces context-rich alerts that notify engineers, operators and security professionals to malicious attacks and process integrity issues that may impact industrial operations.

With CISOs seeking to deploy an integrated ICS/OT security platform, rather than cobble together disparate point products, Claroty integrates across multiple plants for better visibility into anomalies and threats. The Claroty Platform provides the deepest visibility across all OT layers; the broadest protocol coverage; superior anomaly and change detection; continuous, real-time monitoring; enterprise scalability; and “passive” deep packet inspection that is safe for all devices and imposes zero impact on OT networks. Notably, Claroty recently introduced several features that enable industrial asset owners to significantly reduce risk, and manage and audit access to their most critical systems.

These key capabilities include:

• Access Control: Users can granularly control who has access, what they have access to and even time of access to address critical tasks without leaving an open door.

• Workflow: Users can manage, approve and track all requests for remote access to the most important systems.

• Session Recording: High-definition recordings provide full accountability for each session.

• Password Vaulting: Password change policies eliminate shared passwords, protect credentials and enable compliance without needing to coordinate changes across multiple organizations.

• Integration: Claroty can be integrated with ticketing systems for improved workflow automation, and also provides syslog output for integration with SIEM and log management products.