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Company size (employees)48
Headquarters RegionMiddle East


Since its 2014 founding, Claroty has enjoyed a period of tremendous accomplishment, marked by:

• A Massive Funding Round Secured from Premier Investors: Claroty exited stealth in September with $32 million in venture capital from marquee investors including Bessemer Venture Partners, Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, Marker LLC, ICV, Red Dot Capital Partners and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Notably, the company is the most substantially funded ICS cybersecurity startup founded to address the burgeoning, yet underserved market for Operational Technology Security – a market which Gartner predicts will double by 2020.

• Enterprise Customer Traction: Claroty achieved several significant customer milestones well before its official September launch. Securing multiple seven-figure deals, the Claroty Platform has been implemented in complex enterprise-class production environments for more than a year. Underscoring this early customer success, a CISO from a global Fortune 100 organization explains his engagement with Claroty: “We are using Claroty to add security monitoring to our control systems around the world – an important part of our business where security was not previously thought of or architected in. We selected Claroty to give us greater visibility into the shop floor environment – both the assets that are there and the activities taking place. Equipped with this additional visibility we are able to increase productivity and make process improvements in addition to enhance security.”

• Market Research Analyst and Industry Recognition: In April, Gartner named Claroty a “Cool Vendor” in the publication “Cool Vendors in Smart City Application Solutions, 2016.” The firm noted that what makes the company cool is the Claroty Platform, “which detects suspicious and/or anomalous system activity within industrial environments in real-time for rapid mitigation, a requirement for most event-driven industrial systems.” In October, Claroty was awarded top honors in the Best Cyber Critical Infrastructure Solution category of the American Security Today Homeland Security Awards program.

How we are different

• Right Time: Vendors have attempted to tackle ICS cybersecurity challenges twice previously: first with legacy IT security products, and then with IT point solutions retrofitted for ICS environments. Neither approach addressed core ICS cybersecurity issues, did not work in the very different ICS environment, and did not foster the necessary dialogue between OT and IT teams that is essential for effective OT security. While many legacy cybersecurity companies claim they can apply traditional IT security to OT systems, the reality is that everything about OT – from protocols to staff – is different and requires technology specifically designed for that environment. Claroty was founded not just to bridge the gap between OT and IT, but with a mission to secure and optimize the industrial control networks that run the world.

• Right Executive and Research Teams: Claroty boasts an elite management team with deep experience in both IT and OT disciplines and who hail from world-renowned organizations including Siemens, IBM, Waterfall Security, Palo Alto Networks, iSIGHT Partners (FireEye), ICS2 and Industrial Defender. The Claroty Platform was born from this combined IT and OT expertise, and is supported by an unrivaled ICS security research organization that comprises the “top 1% of the 1%” from a special Israeli Defense Force cyberunit.

• Right Technology: The Claroty Platform is purpose-built for OT networks. Designed to safely monitor ICS, SCADA and other critical networks, it uncovers previously hidden issues and alerts cybersecurity teams and system operators to malicious attacks and process integrity issues that may impact industrial operations. Claroty generates context-rich alerts, summarizing multiple associated events into a single robust notification for rapid investigation and response, and improved operational resilience. Other differentiating features include: deeper visibility across all OT layers; broadest protocol coverage; superior anomaly and change detection; continuous, real-time monitoring; and safe, “passive” deep packet inspection.