Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway

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Company size (employees)150 (Announced acquisition intent by RUAG - 7,500 employees)
Type of solutionSoftware


Clearswift offers the industry’s most effective layer of real-time email inspection to detect and completely sanitize evasive threats, delivering highly secure email without delay.

Advanced Email Threat Protection
Protect against zero-hour and malware evading AV scans and sandboxing analysis with the industry’s deepest level of inspection. Unparalleled recursive decomposition and true file detection completely dissembles emails into its constituents parts, ensuring complete detection and removal of malicious code without delaying email delivery and false positives.

Anti-spam and Phishing
Prevent SPAM and phishing emails initiating an attack, while drastically reducing the amount of time users spend managing their inboxes. Clearswift’s multi-layer defense leverages IP reputations, greylisting, signatures, SPF, RBL, recipient authentication and machine learning engines to provide > than 99.9% detection rates. DKIM support and an Outlook Spam Reporter crowdsources spam monitoring, registering and elimination.

Adaptive DLP for Email
Protect critical information with the industry’s game-changing Adaptive DLP technology for email. Block, encrypt or uniquely redact only the sensitive information that breaks policy, while allowing the rest of the email to continue without disruptive quarantines or false positives. Optimized for data privacy and regulatory compliance (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.)

Email Document Sanitization
Ensure all emailed document that leave your organization are completely sanitized. Automated removal of hidden metadata (author, username, server names, etc.), comments and revision history prevents the leak of sensitive data and information harvesting used for targeted phishing attacks.

How we are different

• World’s first Adaptive Cyber Security for Email offering a unique signature-less sanitization and unparalleled level of bi-directional inspection - delivering secure email without delays.

• Trusted by Top Security Teams to protect some of the world's most critical email communications. Led benchmark tests for email threat detection.

• Proven Effectiveness
Increases Malware detection rate up to 17.8%
+99.9% SPAM detection and 0% False Positives
100% Removal of embedded Ransomware scripts, macros and objects
No delay real-time email sanitization
(competitive solutions take up to 30 mins)