Cloud Daddy Secure Backup

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Cloud Daddy
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware

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Cloud Daddy Secure Backup (CDSB) is unique in comparison to competitive products and provides a holistic Amazon Web Services (AWS) in-cloud native backup engine, incorporating advanced security countermeasures and infrastructure management features, in addition to backup and disaster recovery. It is a superior and agile solution that provides enterprises with modern data protection for today’s elastic cloud world.
• Complete Infrastructure Management: CDSB manages your entire AWS infrastructure including AWS Instances, Volumes, RDS Databases, DynamoDB, Aurora Clusters and RedShift Clusters from a single page, regardless of what region or account they may exist within. CDSB simplifies control, giving users the capability of starting, stopping, rebooting and terminating any instance without having to jump out to a third party tool or management console.
• Modern Data Protection: CDSB enables customers to backup, restore and replicate across multiple AWS regions and accounts providing the ultimate solution for disaster recovery. Customers can recover an instance from backup to the same account/region or to another account/region anywhere AWS has a geographic regional presence, providing additional protection against disaster. With the ability to backup, recover, replicate and secure cross-region and cross-account within AWS anywhere in the world, customers are protected to a degree far beyond the capabilities of any traditional backup solution.
• Advanced Security: Performing backup isn’t enough to protect organizations from manmade disasters like ransomware. Cloud Daddy understands that in today’s world, backup requires security countermeasures to truly provide “data protection,” instead of simply backup. CDSB provides customers control over what traffic to allow or block to their applications, and can handle common attacks, such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting, for quick response to changing traffic patterns. CDSB includes security features for comprehensive data protection, including Instance Firewalling, AWS WAF and GuardDuty integration, firewall rules and templates.

Brief Overview

Cloud Daddy Secure Backup (CDSB) offers a holistic approach to data protection, unifying backup with advanced security and infrastructure management within a cloud native application for enterprises on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
The move to a unified AWS solution reflects today’s market demand to cope with the scourge of cyberattacks. It effectively closes the gaps among what traditionally had been stand-alone IT functions, combining them into a three-pillar foundation of backup, infrastructure management and security in a single comprehensive solution, for greatly improved disaster recoverability.
Cloud Daddy’s new paradigm for enterprise backup is available worldwide on the AWS Marketplace. The business and technical advantages in using Cloud Daddy for enterprise data protection includes a unique combination of features that provide infrastructure management and advanced security countermeasures, in addition to in-cloud native backup and disaster recovery. CDSB provides a superior AWS data protection solution at lower cost and with greater value than competitive product offerings.
Advantages of CDSB include a unique blend of security features such as AWS GuardDuty and web application firewall integration, security group management, instance firewalling, templates and rules. Infrastructure management features include the ability to stop, start and terminate instances, in addition to a single pane of glass for managing AWS infrastructure across regions and accounts.
CDSB incorporates dashboards for backup, infrastructure, security as well as Disaster Recovery Orchestration, enabling visualization of the backup and replications contained within AWS regions, anywhere in the world they may exist and simplifying disaster recovery, while providing layers of disaster recovery protection.
What differentiates CDSB from its competitors is its holistic and native in-cloud backup engine which incorporates advanced security countermeasures and infrastructure management features, in addition to backup and disaster recovery, for a superior and agile solution that provides enterprises with modern data protection for today’s elastic cloud world.