Cloud Protection Manager (CPM)

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)N2W Software, a Veeam Company
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

CPM is highly differentiated from other data protection solutions because it is AWS-native in the full sense by leveraging AWS block level incremental snapshots, affecting the user in two ways: cost effective, paying for what had changed each time, and performance-wise - EBS snapshots are very fast because only incremental delta from when the last snapshot was taken is copied. CPM taps into the best that AWS has to offer, far exceeding industry standards on the most important metrics - RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time). The real magic of the product is in the recovery – providing one-click restore to be back in production in 30 seconds. Snapshots can be scheduled with frequencies that range from minutes to months and retained for any period of time. Customers love CPM’s automated cross account and region DR, application aware backup, reporting and messaging features, all with the use of zero scripts.

Another main advantage of CPM is that it is sold as an AMI rather than a SAAS solution. Organisations are able to launch their own instance in their own server, maintaining 100% control over their environment. No information goes over the wire, or even to N2WS! The CPM server sits as an EC2 instance inheriting all the compliance and security for that AWS region. CPM offers valuable multi-tenancy so different users can then login and manage their own backup, saving deployment costs and providing transparency for compliancy requirements.

Using CPM’s disaster recovery feature, organisations can rest easy knowing that their data is available and recoverable even if a whole region is down. This is because EBS snapshots can be copied between regions and/or accounts. You can recover complete instances to these other regions or accounts including all data and configurations and be back up to production in seconds.

Brief Overview

Companies large and small depend on 24/7 access to their data and a crucial need for a backup solution that can be accessed quickly and reliably. The ramifications of even seconds of downtime due to weather, bugs, errors or ransomware can be dire. While backup and DR have always been good business practice, the growing need for compliance as new regulations are dictating how digital data is handled have made a reliable backup and DR plan essential (i.e. GDPR).

For organizations running AWS workloads, this is where Cloud Protection Manager (CPM) from N2W Software steps in. CPM is an enterprise level backup and disaster recovery solution featuring very flexible backup scheduling, which ensures you are protected from outages, failures, and data losses, so that you can meet your recovery point and recovery time objective (RPO and RTO). The cloud-native backup solution is built specifically for AWS. CPM gives enterprise teams the ability to back up data as often as needed, and recover it far more quickly than with traditional on-premises backup solutions, simplifying workloads, saving teams time and resources. CPM protects hundreds of thousands of Amazon EC2 instances that need to back up often and recover quickly.

CPM leverages and enhances native capabilities such as snapshots and adds an easy-to-use interface for scheduling backups and restoring instances. CPM also provides a slew of other features so companies and can rest easy. In addition to supporting application consistent backups on production environments, CPM provides users with robust reporting, alerting, auditing, DR (both cross region and account) and dashboard functions.

N2WS has a large and loyal customer base which spans many verticals. Flagship customers include Coca-Cola, NASA, Cisco, Dyson, Time and Oracle, the most progressive entities looking for the best cloud technology to be prepared for the growing number outages/downtime.