Cloud Range’s Cyber Range and Simulation Platform

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CompanyCloud Range
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Cloud Range’s cyber range is a dynamic, simulated environment with virtual IT and OT networks and components. The realistic attack scenarios, created by Cloud Range’s expert team, align with the MITRE ATT&CK Frameworks, ensuring a realistic and practical learning experience. The range integrates multiple licensed IT and OT security products including SIEMs, firewalls, IDS’s, endpoint security systems, analysis tools, and more, allowing trainees to practice using the same products they use in real life. Through immersive live-fire exercises, cyber defense teams enhance technical proficiencies, develop soft skills, and strengthen overall cyber resilience, significantly reducing the organization’s cyber exposure.

The 1,500 hands-on, tutorial-based labs and modules, mapped to the NICE Framework, allow individuals to hone specific skill areas to prepare for team missions and bridge any gaps identified. Organizations can hire smarter with assessments, also mapped to the NICE Framework, and evaluate cybersecurity aptitude, knowledge, skills, abilities, and judgment with objective metrics and analysis. The full-service program also includes professional support, from administration and coordination to Expert Attackmaster™-led missions.

Cloud Range’s robust Performance Portal (LMS) provides a single point of access to all products through a web browser; no installation needed. It includes reporting, metrics, and analysis for individual and team performances, as well as customized training plans that bridge skill gaps and help individuals and organizations meet objectives.

Unlike other types of cyber training programs that focus on theory or even some hands-on training geared at individual skill development, Cloud Range provides a customized, comprehensive, immersive cyber simulation learning experience that uses live-fire simulation exercises to train, test, assess, and solidify capabilities of cyber professionals on an ongoing basis and as a team to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape.

Key Capabilities / Features

In addition to the features above, it includes:

Range365: Range365 is a fully managed cloud-based cyber range that enables organizations to enjoy the benefits of having a custom-built cyber range, without the costly investment of infrastructure, technology, content creation, or administration. With customizable IT and OT/ICS networks and a library of live-fire cyber attack simulations, Range365 provides the control and resources to conduct the training and testing needed to stay ahead of the latest threats.

Live-Fire Team Training: Cloud Range offers dozens of immersive, team-based, real-world IT and OT attack scenarios in our library (added to monthly), as well as optional custom-designed scenarios. Utilizing our proprietary traffic generator, the complexity of simulations can be increased or decreased to mimic real-world scenarios.

Industry-Leading Security Products: Cloud Range integrates licensed security products including SIEMs, firewalls, IDS’s, endpoint security systems, analysis tools, and more, allowing trainees to practice using the same products they use in real life.

Skill Development Labs: Over 1,500 hands-on, tutorial-based lab exercises support team simulations and allow individuals to hone specific skill areas.
Integrated Learning Management System and Reporting – All individual and team progress is tracked in Cloud Range's Performance Portal™ with scoring and analysis that factors in KSAs from the NICE Framework, TTPs from MITRE, industry-specific regulations and frameworks, job requirements, soft skills (a focus that also sets us apart), and mean and actual time to detection. Additionally, customized individual learning plans can be generated based on experience, roles, gaps, and objectives.

Only Cloud Range provides a holistic suite of customizable services to ensure security teams have the critical skills and experience to take on today’s complex threat landscape. The flexible, comprehensive, and quantifiable solution inspires confidence, solidifies capabilities, manufactures experience, and measurably reduces risk.

How we are different

What sets our cyber readiness solution apart:

Customizable, Cloud-Based Virtual Ranges– Cloud Range provides both IT and OT cyber ranges, requiring no hardware or infrastructure. Ranges include licensed security tools to enable teams to practice in a simulated, yet realistic environment that mimics their security stack. Cloud Range has the only live-fire OT/ICS cyber range, specifically designed for OT, IT/OT, and IT/OT/IoT, and customizable for every industry sector of critical infrastructure.

Multiple Learning and Simulation Formats – Thousands of simulation options including red team/blue team/purple team training, red team vs blue team exercises, capture the flag events, skill development labs, challenge labs, and next-generation tabletop exercises. Cloud Range uses the latest threat intelligence to regularly add to our library of live-fire IT, OT/ICS, and cloud cyber attack simulations, which are mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK frameworks.

Professional Support—Cloud Range's full-service model makes cyber training easy. Live Certified Attackmasters™ provide instruction and expert guidance, and range administration, coordination, and facilitation to ensure teams meet their objectives.
95% of Cloud Range customers report that Cloud Range’s live-fire simulation exercises help them and their team be more prepared for future events. Additionally, Cloud Range has a 99% customer renewal on program subscriptions.