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The Cloudentity platform decouples identity and authorization from applications and APIs to enable fine-grained access control and declarative authorization policy as code. This provides a simpler, more integrated, cloud-native approach over traditional identity and access management (IAM) methods to enforce security policies across all APIs. Cloudentity centralizes management and analytics in a way that orchestrates multiple authentication, authorization and privacy components in one, rather than having to use different solutions for each step. Cloudentity’s platform is deployable in minutes, empowering businesses to deliver Open Banking, Embedded Finance and other online services without changing identity providers or application code. Cloudentity delivers a declarative authorization and identity framework that works across any cloud to simplify access control and visibility.

Cloudentity’s modern application authorization solution enables developers to centralize, manage and provision fine-grained policy as code; simply and effectively orchestrate app, service, API and user on-boarding; gain privacy consent control; and achieve continuous transaction-level enforcement at hyperscale with full data lineage – assuring Zero Trust access and data protection at real-world, high-volume rates. As a result, enterprise customers have increased development velocity and service agility while mitigating application and API access, security and compliance risks. Furthermore, organizations can accelerate digital transformation business opportunities that require crucial data protection and privacy consent controls.

With Cloudentity, organizations don’t need to rip and replace existing technology. Its microservice delivery model and infrastructure-agnostic approach allows customers to seamlessly integrate authorization governance into their existing identity, API, microservice and security management ecosystem. The solution offers pre-built connectors that work with popular identity management and intelligent identity provider (IdP) sources, such as those from Okta and Google, and is standards-based, supporting protocols such as OAuth 2.1, FAPI R/W, OIDC and SAML2. Since Cloudentity separates authentication sources from app authorization, identity providers can be readily switched or aggregated for added flexibility.

How we are different

- Fine-Grain Control and Zero Trust at Cloud Scale - Cloudentity was recently awarded a key technology patent for “Microservice Architecture for Identity and Access Management” (U.S. Patent No. 11,057,393 B2), which provides foundational technology to automate the assignment of service identities (dynamic machine or workload-based identities common in cloud native architectures) and enable auto-scale authorizations between any API endpoints. This patent enables Zero Trust access control for APIs and to better protect both North/South and East/West API access and integrate into modern cloud and K8s architectures. Cloudentity’s platform can enforce authorization for millions of requests per second – 60 times the OAuth token minting and evaluation performance at 90% lower latency compared to other approaches. As a result, organizations gain continuous Zero Trust control at all service ingress and egress decision points to mitigate OWASP API vulnerabilities, data leakage and east/west lateral threats.

- End-To-End Orchestration - To provide an even simpler, smarter and more secure way of managing authorization policies across APIs and data, Cloudentity launched a SaaS version of the platform in December 2021. Cloudentity’s SaaS platform provides a first-of-its-kind solution that enables Zero Trust API access by externalizing fine-grained authorization, privacy consent and personal data exchange enforcement at cloud-scale. The new version incorporates data lineage visualization and mapping, transactional multi-factor authentication (MFA), intelligent IdP discovery, as well as industry-leading Open Banking certification and compliance with several new API Open standards.

- Deployment Flexibility & Automation - Cloudentity enables Bring Your Own API Gateway (BYOAG) features to integrate existing API Gateways (e.g. Amazon, Azure, Istio, Axway, etc.) to discover, classify and catalog APIs and services across clouds and workloads; normalize authentication metadata; onboard new API and services; and dynamically enforce policy at the transaction-level, using a distributed authorization decision point running within or close to the