CloudKnox Cloud Security Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)CloudKnox Security
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

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CloudKnox is committed to advancing its innovation through the following areas of competitive advantage:

• Its patented Activity-based Authorization protocol, which provides granular insight into the tasks (activity) that each identity is using or not using. With this level of visibility, it becomes possible to accurately grant or revoke privileges for all identities with access to an organization’s infrastructure;
• Its patented Privilege Creep Index enables customers to easily understand their cloud infrastructure risk posture in a single metric by evaluating how many privileges a given identity has been given and how many it actually uses;
• CloudKnox’s Just Enough Privileges Controller allows customers to automatically right-size over-provisioned identity privileges across cloud environments, with just one click. The platform then develops fully customizable reports based on audit-quality logs, so customers can provide swift and thorough evidence of compliance with government regulations to auditors.

Brief Overview

More enterprises than ever are embracing the leading cloud platforms for all of their promised benefits. But the tradeoff is severe. Cloud infrastructure has become enormously complex and companies are struggling with visibility, which creates significant security gaps.

It’s hard enough to manage multiple, complex and vastly different cloud platforms, but keeping up with the constant expansion of new accounts, resources, services and privileges is impossible. In most organizations, 99 percent of the identities – both human and non-human – have the ability to do damage to the company’s infrastructure, but there’s still no way for them to know which identities have access to critical resources and what actions they are performing.

The CloudKnox Cloud Security Platform is the only platform built specifically to manage human and machine identity privileges across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The solution enables organizations to detect identities, including service accounts, APIs, bots, contractors or employees, with unused high-risk privileges based on actual activities versus static roles.

The CloudKnox platform supports continuous, adaptive risk-based decision making by applying an innovative lifecycle approach. CloudKnox continuously assesses, remediates, monitors, and alerts IAM and security operations teams with any unexpected or excessive insider risk – whether accidental or malicious.

By providing a comprehensive, unified view of all identities, actions, and resources across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and VMware, CloudKnox automatically tracks activity patterns for anomalous and suspicious activity and gives “just enough” and “just-in-time” privileges at the click of a button.

CloudKnox continuously extends its support for the leading cloud platforms. In August, it launched the CloudKnox Cloud Security Platform for VMware Cloud on AWS. In December, it announced integration with AWS IAM Access Analyzer, a new capability from Amazon Web Services that analyzes resource policies to help administrators and security teams protect their resources from unintended access.