CMD+CTRL Cyber Range

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Security Innovation
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

* Security Innovation’s CMD+CTRL suite of offerings provides a holistic approach to solve this challenge. With a focus on blended learning, the Courses and Cyber Range components complement traditional learning with modern technologies to benefit all learners.

* Where other organizations focus on one approach, whether it be deeply focused Instructor Lead Training or feature focused efforts like Find-The-Fix, Security Innovation focuses on a broader, more complimentary package. By bundling the industry’s largest cybersecurity computer based training offerings with hands-on, guided Cyber Range events, the CMD+CTRL learning experience provides a baseline education followed by hands-on training. The automated platform combined with Customer Success team members then provide immediate and actionable guidance - providing advanced users to further perfect their skills while positively steering new learners through a set of topics that can be intimidating and difficult to grasp. The blended learning approach enables improved knowledge retention and greater cybersecurity knowledge throughout a team.

* Introducing new solutions to educational challenges can be difficult! While many organizations realize a “check the box” approach to security education is not sufficient, few can justify the investment to adopt a new approach. Luckily for the SI team, dozens of forward thinking, early adopters understand the benefits of cybersecurity education - and the risks of settling for traditional approaches. These forward thinking organizations not only adopt the CMD+CTRL offerings aggressively, but provide the guidance and feedback needed to improve training throughout other industries for years to come. Additionally, growing a product set at the rate needed by technical leaders across industries is an exhausting task! Whether it’s shifting to a micro-learning approach for Computer Based Training, adding new cloud-focused Cyber Ranges or building out functions such as Find-The-Fix, keeping up with the demands of optimistically aggressive customers is as productive as it is difficult.

Brief Overview

Security Innovation’s CMD+CTRL suite offers one location for combined traditional and groundbreaking cybersecurity training. The origins of the suite sits in CMD+CTRL courses, the industry’s largest collection of Computer Based Training with a focus on easily consumable, focused training across a variety of learning paths. With over 200 courses ranging from Executive Awareness to deeply specific secure coding and penetration testing education, the catalog has materials to meet your team’s cybersecurity education needs.

In addition to the traditional courses, CMD+CTRL Cyber Range shifts the cybersecurity learning experience to a hands-on, life-like environment. With 8 individual Cyber Ranges and over 500 auto-scored challenges, the CMD+CTRL suite provides an engaging platform for improving education and accurately measuring practical team skills. Through a combination of automated dashboards, pairing with courses, interactive learning components and a dedicated Customer Success team, CMD+CTRL provides the critical reporting and guidance needed to train teams at the individual and group levels.

With turn-key cloud-based deployments and a wide focus on Web, Mobile and Cloud systems, the Security Innovation offering provides critical education needed throughout any organization. By attacking banks, ecommerce, fitness tracking, and a variety of other use cases, the CMD+CTRL Cyber Range allows participants to attack software with the same level of sophistication and determination as hackers. This experience allows a better understanding of the techniques and technologies most must defend against on a routine basis.