Cobalt’s Pentesting as a service platform

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionService


Cobalt is revolutionizing the way pentests are performed. Cobalt’s Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) platform enables pentesters, developers, project managers, and business leaders the ability to easily interact throughout the testing process via messaging platforms such as Slack, allowing for more visibility and a more seamless workflow. Cobalt’s PtaaS platform allows customers to proactively build a data-driven pentesting program, test more of their applications more frequently, and mature their security posture over time. On average, ​​experts state that PtaaS projects are completed with a 50% reduction in time compared to conventional consulting engagements, allowing customers to either cut costs in half or double the amount of assets they’re able to test using the same budget.

Companies need manual penetration testing performed on their digital assets to establish trust with customers, comply with regulatory requirements, and improve their security posture. Traditional pentesting services take weeks to schedule and deliver, work in isolation, and provide written results long after code has been released. This cumbersome and inefficient process does not fit with today’s agile development practices, leaving companies exposed to the risk of breach. As pioneers of PtaaS, Cobalt transforms this traditional model by combining on-demand access to expert talent with a modern SaaS delivery platform that allows for real-time collaboration and quick remediation. Unlike with traditional pentesting, where findings must be manually entered, Cobalt’s PtaaS platform enables organizations to pass pentest findings directly to engineering and DevSecOps workflows quickly and easily. Through integrations with issue tracking programs such as JIRA, and development platforms like GitHub, tickets can not only be actioned quickly, but also throughout the pentest lifecycle, enabling a more efficient workflow from start to finish.

How we are different

Smarter: Cobalt provides a Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) platform that is modernizing the traditional, static penetration testing model. Cobalt is transforming pentesting by providing streamlined processes and developer integrations. According to Cobalt’s ROI of Modern Pentesting report, PtaaS reduces the hours of work required to plan, manage, and support pentesting projects by about 25%.

- Faster: Cobalt utilizes their exclusive and private community of thoroughly vetted pentesters known as the Cobalt Core. They are the driving force behind Cobalt’s Pentest as a Service platform and consist of 300 members worldwide. With the help of the Cobalt Core, customers can build their pentest program in as little as five minutes and start a pentest in 24 hours, reducing time-to-results by 50% compared to traditional consulting engagements.

- Stronger: Cobalt is helping companies mature their security program through a scalable, data-driven approach to pentesting. With integrations into security and development tools like their public API, and real-time collaboration with pentesters, PtaaS enables modern DevSecOps teams to both test and secure their code faster, allowing teams to move quickly without sacrificing security in the SDLC. In addition to this, 85% of those surveyed in Cobalt’s ROI of Modern Pentesting report said pentest results provide valuable insights their organization can use to improve developer and security team training.