Cobwebs Web Intelligence Platform

Additional Info

CompanyCobwebs Technologies
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Cobwebs Technologies’ Web Intelligence Platform is a powerful open-source intelligence solution that searches online activity, collecting and analyzing data from endless digital channels – from the open, deep and dark web.

Cobwebs Technologies’ company search integrative module fuses data access and analysis from key corporate registries, legal and risk data sources worldwide. The solution overlays this data with its exclusive dynamic information streams from all corners of the web to enable investigators to automatically evaluate and resolve risks associated with any company or illicit financial network.

This solution provides access to the most updated data with worldwide coverage. It gives users the power to collect publicly available data, across all layers of the world wide web. This includes the latest digital platforms, darknet, traditional media, multimedia and video, global information registries and millions of corporate profiles, blogs and dynamic forums, and more than three billion integrated risk entities.
In a single corporate search, even with minimal information on the target entity, investigators can uncover significant data, including:
• Verified registration information, status, and corporate filings
• Officers, shareholders, and administrative agents
• Associated employees and companies interacting with the company
• Website analysis for shell company and fraud risk detection
• Dedicated risk analysis
• Key risk information: Sanctions and enforcements exposure
• Up-to-the-minute reputation risks from local and international media
• Information on data leaks, dark web threats, and more targeting the company

By leveraging access to the surface, deep, and dark web sources, any corporate query delivers an immediate reputation assessment on a target company, delivering results in a risk-based format, configured by the user.

How we are different

• Cobwebs Technologies’ Web Intelligence Platform allows users to connect coverage of criminal channels from online media to the dark web, with official registry and risk data on companies worldwide to provide a complete picture of complex illicit ecosystems. Authorities can scour all levels of the internet and the various online media platforms and are able to obtain precise and unrivaled web intelligence in the open and dark web in a fraction of the time it used to take.

• Some online media might seem benign to the human eye, but Cobwebs Technologies’ provides valuable intelligence in identifying suspects and concrete threats. The platform can search for information about possible crimes by searching for keywords in different languages, locations, or events and generating alerts to notify authorities of potential threats. With capabilities like Natural Language Processing (NLP), the platform is also able to understand the meaning behind online media and perform sentiment analysis.

• Cobwebs’ Web Investigation platform is an integrative solution with an investigative workflow. It offers a powerful, automated company investigation process, from the query and collection stages to results and analysis. The system provides the fastest, most comprehensive collection approach available. Cobweb Technologies’ collection of corporate registries, risk sources, online media and fincrime channel streams, open web, dark web, phone registries, and more, and compile data. Data is then thoughtfully arranged according to various factors, including source type, company attributes, and risk. Finally, the solution allows company search queries to be graphed and analyzed for various anomalies, such as risky connections, hidden ownership, offshore exposure, and much more.