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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


COVID-19 exacerbated an already growing threat – Insider Risk is not a new threat vector, but with our new work-from-home normal and rising employee burnout rates, employees are 85% more likely to leak sensitive files now than before COVID. More than half (54%) of organizations don’t have an Insider Risk response plan, and 40% of companies don’t assess how effectively their technologies mitigate insider threats. This is a shocking reality, especially when you consider that 66% of data breaches last year were from insiders, but the average security team is only allocating 10% of their budget to these internal risks. Code42 aims to protect companies’ valuable data while enabling teams to collaborate and innovate safely.

Founded in 2001, Code42 is the Insider Risk Management leader. Native to the cloud, our Incydr™ solution rapidly detects data loss, leaks and theft as well as speeds incident response – all without lengthy deployments, complex policy management or blocking employee productivity. More than 50,000 organizations worldwide, including recognized brands in business and education, rely on Code42 to safeguard their ideas. With the Code42® Incydr™ product, security professionals can protect corporate data and reduce insider threats while fostering an open and collaborative culture for employees.

For organizations looking for a new approach to data security, Code42 is leading the charge and boldly creating a new data security category – Insider Risk Management (IRM). Our Insider Risk Management solution, Incydr, offers organizations an easier, faster way to secure their endpoint and cloud from employee hire to exit. A cloud-based SaaS solution, Incydr can detect risky file activity across on and off-network computers, the cloud and email without rigid policies and classification, and long and costly deployments.

How we are different

-Code42 is leading the charge and boldly establishing itself as a leader in a new data security category – Insider Risk Management (IRM). Validation of Code42’s work is evident in the Gartner 2020 Market Guide for Insider Risk Management Solutions report where Code42 was identified as a Representative Vendor. Since Code42 launched its new Insider Risk Management product, Incydr, its software developers have worked at an unprecedented breakneck pace, issuing an average of 79 releases to production per day to introduce groundbreaking enhancements to the product.

-In September 2021, Code42 launched Code42 Instructor, a new microlearning solution that delivers actionable, hyper-targeted and bite-sized lessons to end-users when they’re needed most. This solution helps organizations establish a modern security training system that teaches employees how to effectively change their security behavior for the long term. Instructor integrates with Incydr to automate right-sized response lessons to end-users based on Insider Risk Indicators that show accidental or negligent user activity. Code42 also offers Incydr Gov, a FedRAMP-authorized SaaS solution that proactively manages insider risk while protecting files in cloud-based apps and on endpoints. Most recently, Code42 added new data exfiltration detectors for cloud and email systems to the federal solution.

-Code42 is an active member of Pledge 1%, a global movement that creates a new normal for companies to integrate giving back into the core of their business. Since 2018, Code42 has devoted one percent of its equity, profits and its employees’ time to help improve communities where its employees live and work. Building on this initiative, the company launched the Code42 Foundation in 2018, which distributes funds to organizations whose mission is to address systemic inequities and strive to make lasting, impactful change.