Code42 Insider Risk Detection and Response

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Code42
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

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Despite even the best data loss prevention efforts, high-value data loss happens every day. That’s why Code42 has taken a different approach to insider threat protection and has challenged the status quo in the market, delivering ROI to its customers. Forrester Consulting reported that organizations using Code42 to protect their data reported a $444,749 savings in data loss investigations and 230% ROI.

Insider threats are one of the biggest dangers to corporate data and Code42 is delivering innovative ways to combat the problem head on. Code42’s newest insider risk detection capabilities are game changers for resource-strapped information security teams. Code42 protects IP and mitigates data risk, including during employee off-boarding. It surfaces departing employees’ file exfiltration activities via web browsers, email, removable media, personal and cloud sync accounts, and other app uploads; investigates departing employees’ historical file exfiltration activity in 1-, 7-, 30- and 90-day increments; provides a view of exfiltrated files to quickly determine the severity of the behavior and escalate the response; detects mass deletions on laptops or cloud and recovers impacted files; and customizes alerts about high-risk file movements from resignation to departure date.

For security teams, Code42 is delivering powerful, comprehensive detail about risks to company data – and driving tremendous efficiency. Code42 offers first-of-its-kind visibility into the destination of an exfiltrated file. Code42 shows the tab title and specific tab URL that was active at the moment file exfiltration occurred, which means security teams can plainly discern personal versus professional accounts and instantly understand the risk to data. With just two clicks, security teams can definitively answer, “where’d my file go?” and take action, if necessary. This is just one way that Code42 provides visibility, gives high-fidelity alerts and actionable information to help security teams take action to address their organization’s data risks.

Brief Overview

Code42’s insider threat and data loss recovery solution offers a simpler, quicker way to secure an organization’s endpoint and cloud data from loss, leak, theft and sabotage — while maintaining an open and collaborative culture for employees. Unlike traditional data loss prevention solutions, Code42 is based in the cloud and frees security teams to safeguard data without complex policy management, lengthy deployments or hindrances to user productivity and collaboration. Code42 doesn’t require restrictive rules that block user access to data. In fact, many cybersecurity teams operate their traditional DLP solutions in monitor mode because they generate too many alerts and stop too many data interactions. This opens IP and data to risk. Using Code42, organizations have the ability to detect risky file activity across computers, the cloud and email as well as quickly investigate unusual file behavior and respond to data loss, leak, theft and sabotage.

Not surprisingly, in the last four years, insider threats have increased 50 percent, showcasing it’s not only outside criminals that companies have to worry about. It’s no longer a matter of whether data leaves companies, but when – and it’s leaving every day. When employees quit jobs they take data with them. Code42 tells companies what data is leaving and when — so companies aren’t finding out proprietary information left months after the damage is already done. Code42’s solution offers a simpler, quicker way to secure an organization’s endpoint and cloud data from insider threats.