Cofense Intelligent Email Security

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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America


As the only end-to-end email security solution powered by a global network of more than 35 million users, this data powers our Phishing Detection and Response (PDR) suite of products and enables our customers to proactively evolve with the threat landscape. Our data, the Cofense Intelligence Network, is a combination human intelligence, artificial intelligence, and email attack intelligence that feeds powerful IOCs into Cofense’s PDR. These IOCs are actionable, relevant, reliable, and timely – and comes from human, artificial, and attack intelligence.

Human intelligence is derived from our customer network of over 35+ million global users reporting real phish reaching their inboxes. These humans are conditioned by our world-class security awareness training to identify and report phish, and this network is growing by 100,000 humans every week. Our artificial intelligence makes up our “Computer Vision” technology, that reads emails like a human does, and is trained on real phish reported by our human network. Cofense’s email attack intelligence is our in-house threat analysts reviewing every IOC from our human intelligence, artificial intelligence, and various threat feeds Cofense tracks. This allows Cofense to deliver the highest-fidelity IOCs, and our customers have report back that our IOCs are consistently finding attacks that made it through their perimeter defenses.

All this data, paired with our technology, enables Cofense customers to deploy our powerful AutoQuarantine functionality which enables customers to detect and remediate reported and unreported attacks in their environment. When activated, customers have a more proactive email security posture as IOCs from Cofense customers are fed into their technology and vice-versa. This means when one customer detects an attack, all other Cofense customers can detect that attack too.

This is the power of the ever-growing Cofense Global Intelligence Network, which powers our Intelligent Email Security.

How we are different

Cofense Global Intelligence Network: Cofense is the only comprehensive email security platform powered by a global network of 35+ million people utilizing unique intelligence sources: human intelligence, artificial intelligence and email attack intelligence. Deployed through various products in our platform, these intelligence sources enable organizations to automatically remove attacks first seen by other Cofense customers, block attacks that have never been seen before, and utilize the power of automated technology without the worry of false positives.

Automatically Quarantine Threats: Once a phish is confirmed, Cofense AutoQuarantine removes it from inboxes across an organization without requiring intervention from the customer. We have observed this entire cycle from report to removal to be near instantaneous when configured to quarantine without analyst review. The intelligence is then shared with other Cofense customers so the same attack can be stopped in their environments often before any suspected phish is ever reported. When considering customers leveraging AutoQuarantine, 84% of customers had an attack automatically mitigated that nobody at their organization had reported showing the value of intelligence sharing across the Cofense customer base. A potentially significant risk is reduced to zero without requiring human intervention.

Proactive Protection with Computer Vision: Our phishing detection solution uses Computer Vision to "look" at email after they have passed through existing email security and before they reach the user. Following the same visual perception cues as a human reader would, we use patented AI technology to identify multi-level phishing attacks which escape traditional gateways.