Cofense PhishMe and Cofense Reporter:

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Cofense
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionHybrid

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• Cofense added automated playbooks to Cofense PhishMe to make life easier for security awareness managers. Cofense PhishMe operators save time when launching and maintaining their anti-phishing program by scheduling a year’s worth of phishing simulations in less than one hour. Our playbooks supply phishing scenarios, landing pages, attachments, and educational content—everything you need to succeed.
• Cofense provides CISOs with a way to inform their non-security leadership, in clear business terms, how their phishing defense is performing with Board Reports. Using expert analysis, the reports demonstrate the success and progress of your phishing defense program. Based on the vast amount of information in Cofense PhishMe, executives can see how their company’s program stacks up, both within their industry and across other Cofense customers.
• Reporting phishing attempts while on mobile devices is an increasingly critical factor in alerting IT Security teams to quickly respond to active attacks against their organization. Cofense Reporter for Mobile allows employees to use one-click to easily report suspicious emails immediately via their phones, enabling incident response teams to investigate and prevent security breaches in real-time. Cofense Reporter is available for the Microsoft Outlook app on all mobile platforms, including iOS and Android for Office 365.

Brief Overview

Cofense PhishMe™ is a purpose-built SaaS platform that improves employee response to phishing attacks and empowers employees to provide real-time threat intelligence by immersing them in a real-world spear phishing experience. The solution’s customizable scenarios focus on emulating the most relevant threats and providing in the moment feedback and education to recipients who fall victim to these exercises.

Armed with the proper training, users can provide timely and valuable threat intelligence simply by recognizing and reporting suspicious emails. Organizations have struggled to tap into this resource and, consequently, malicious activities often operate for weeks and even months on the network. Cofense Reporter™ streamlines the reporting process by installing an email add-in on users’ email toolbars that, when clicked, sends a suspicious email to your security team containing the relevant information needed to analyze and respond – helping stop active phishing attacks in their tracks.