Cofense Protect

Additional Info

Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Cofense Protect is a fully managed, advanced phishing protection solution keeping employees safe from today’s sophisticated phishing attacks. Protect leverages powerful Computer Vision AI to efficiently provide a zero-second phishing detection solution.

Cofense Protect detects and mitigates phishing threats, catching phishing attempts before they appear on deny lists. It deploys in 40 seconds and immediately begins protecting users’ Office 365 and Google Workspace client environments. With a simple API integration, no redirects or MX record changes are needed.

Protect’s Computer Vision technology focuses on human visual emulation, detecting phishing attacks as a user would. Protect utilizes advanced perception analysis algorithms to simulate how a human sees. To do this, it analyzes thousands of images daily from common login pages and corporate brands. Protect compares image to image, ensuring that emails are legitimate, and not phishing.

Protect does what secure email gateways (SEGs) can’t do: it follows multi-level directs to other sites and login pages. With unlimited depth in Cofense’s sandbox environment, Protect checks whether the landing page is a match or a fake.

Detection is very fast, and when a phish is detected, Protect disables the links so they are no longer a threat, isolating the email from the user. Other products typically label an email “suspicious” but keep the links alive.

Another unique benefit is Protect’s ability to detect attacks attempted through phishing kits. These fast-changing and ubiquitous threats are quickly disabled and added to the database and deny list. Better still, Protect learns. Cofense instant detection technology is fueled by data from some 30 million reporters who identify active phishing attacks globally. There are no other products that benefit in this way from reported phishing attacks worldwide that have bypassed secure email gateways (SEGs).

How we are different

* Detects unknown threats in real-time, powered by Computer Vision and AI that instantly detect fake corporate brands and login pages at any depth of redirect

* Catches what secure email gateways (SEGs) miss, disabling the malicious links to keep users safe

* The AI gets smarter continuously using our unique feed from 30 million human reporters identifying phishing attacks that bypass SEGs worldwide