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Company size (employees)12
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Cognetyx is the world’s first “Ambient Cognitive Cyber Surveillance” platform. It utilizes artificial intelligence to give organizations the ability to detect and stop malicious insiders. Fully one-third of all data breaches are due to someone entering a network using legitimate credentials. The three main types include: current or former malicious employees, hackers using stolen login information, hackers using third party (vendor) information. Cognetyx’s AI uses machine learning technology to continuously learn, evolve and improve the dynamic “digital” fingerprint with high detection accuracy rate and efficiency. By continuously monitoring and learning a healthcare system’s patterns, Cognetyx is able to establish a pattern of normal usage for each user. This allows it to quickly and accurately tell whether a login is legitimate or malicious. Cognetyx helps security and compliance officers mitigate risk and combat data breaches more quickly, effectively changing how we fight cybersecurity attacks, and safeguard sensitive healthcare data.

How we are different

-Focusing on an area others aren't: malicious insiders

-Using AI to detect potential insider threats before they are completely breached

-Proven market acceptance with numerous hospitals signing up to protect their patient data