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Company size (employees)30


Cognetyx was developed in an incubator accelerator program at the Texas Medical Center in 2016. It has forged healthcare sector partnerships with technology leaders such as Amazon and Microsoft to financial providers like Healthbox. The company has gained attention in the security and healthcare industry with an ambitious marketing campaign, growing in the market with customers who declined to be identified due to privacy agreements.

The organization plans to disrupt the traditional cybersecurity model through innovation combining advanced behavioral analysis and artificial intelligence. Using ambient cognitive cyber surveillance, Cognetyx protects data in real-time against threats, breaches and violations originating from external hackers and malicious insiders.

Its patented “Virtual Intelligent Eye” combines artificial intelligence with advanced machine learning to provide real-time behavior analysis and anomalous user access monitoring. The eye generates a digital “fingerprint” based on behavior for every login from every user in all applications and databases across the organization.

This information records all data being accessed within an organization. Once a baseline for behavior is established, the system identifies anomalies in user activity, sending out alerts immediately when there are deviations from normal behavior.

Other industry leading features include:
• HIPAA/HITECH compliance support adhering to all privacy and security policies and regulations
• Email and SMS alerts identify any system data breaches or privacy violations in seconds
• Full integration with over 100 healthcare applications and database systems
• Turn-key deployment and economical implementation
• Automated audit logs that provide a forensic trail for any data breaches
• Intuitive dashboard that provides reporting, alerts, and metrics in one place for actionable insight
• Adaptable and scalable to meet the needs of small organizations as well as the nation’s largest health systems and payer networks
• The only technology on the market that incorporates artificial intelligence to continually improve over time

How we are different

• Cognetyx founders Santosh Vurughese and Amit Kulkarni have leveraged their vast backgrounds in healthcare, global entrepreneurship, recognizing that the healthcare industry needed a security paradigm shift and set out with a new strategy to fight the patient data theft that worsened almost daily.
• Cognetyx has now emerged from stealth mode showcasing itself as the thought leader in the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict, detect and identify IT security threats to confidential data. The company delivers a revolutionary new, additional defense layer, to fortify existing IT security architecture, dramatically reducing the risk of data breaches and privacy violations from outside criminal hackers, malicious insiders and rogue vendors.
• Whether data resides in an EMR used by a large health system or is the ERP system of a large energy company or a financial institution, Cognetyx identifies rogue users virtually instantly using its innovative, patented process—Ambient Cognitive Cyber Surveillance, a way of digitally finger printing user access behavior. This "all seeing eye" surveillance and defense shield that is cognitive, adaptive, evolving, and concurrently monitoring all user activity across your information ecosystem. The eye learns, understands, recognizes and remembers normal user habits, patterns and behavior as they use these applications in their day-to-day work; with this baseline, Cognetyx is able to predict and detect anomalous user activity in real-time, thereby mitigating risk rapidly. A virtual, formidable defense layer powered by cognitive surveillance that is simple to deploy, easy to use, operating automatically in the background, vastly improving an organization’s defense against cyber security threats, data breaches and privacy violations. Cognetyx is an advanced, self-learning protective shield that is rapidly scalable across your organization’s entire information ecosystem, big or small, distributed or centralized, local or global, cloud or on-premise.