Cognito platform from Vectra

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


Vectra protects businesses in the cloud by stopping catastrophic data breaches.

Cyberattacks – whether driven by financial gain, political and social disruption, state-sponsored espionage, or insider threats – are prompting cloud, data center and enterprise organizations to rethink how to best protect their business and critical data. With businesses facing devastating reputational and financial damage from data breaches, the stakes have never been higher.

The Cognito® platform from Vectra is a reliable way to detect hidden attackers who get inside and respond instantly to stop in-progress threats from becoming a data breach. Cognito empowers security teams to proactively hunt for evasive threats, augments organizations existing security investments, keeps up with the changing threat landscape, and offers exceptional scale across cloud, data center and enterprise infrastructures.

The AI-powered Cognito Detect™ software automates the detection of hidden cyberattacker behaviors and prioritizes the ones that posed the highest risk. Cognito Detect reduces the security operations workload by 34X and gives security professionals more time to focus on the all-important task of stopping data breaches.

How we are different

Threat detection and response is powerless without automation. Enter Cognito Detect, a cyberattacker’s worst enemy.

• Cognito Detect automates the manual work of threat detection. Always-learning behavioral models reveal hidden attackers across cloud, data center and enterprise infrastructures. With Cognito Detect, security analysts can intervene and analyze, triage and respond decisively.

Cognito Detect prioritizes in-progress attacks that pose the highest business risk so you know where to focus your attention first. Cognito Detect also identifies the scope and precise locations of attacks so enterprises can stop them from spreading. Attackers have nowhere to hide.

Detecting attackers is incomplete without a quick response, and Vectra responds with deliberate speed. Cognito works in real time with the entire ecosystem of cybersecurity investments to accelerate response time, stop the progression of attacks and avoid data breaches.

• Cognito Detect automates protection for privileged accounts. One in five businesses had serious unauthorized access to their cloud environments in the past year, and many more were unknowingly breached, according to the SANS Institute. When attackers compromise an administrator’s account, they can quickly pivot within the cloud infrastructure, with free reign to steal data, disrupt operations or destroy.

Cognito Detect leverages Privileged Access Analytics to automatically analyze behaviors and uses AI to identify entities that have privilege and differentiate between approved and malicious uses. Security analysts can easily view privileged accounts associated with detections. Contextual details empower the analyst to investigate quickly.

• Cognito Detect drives automated response. Cognito Detect uses intelligent machine learning algorithms and behavioral analysis to put the most relevant information and context within immediate reach of the security analyst. Then, Cognito Detect works with next-generation firewalls, endpoint security, network access control, and other enforcement points to automatically block unknown and customized cyberattacks. Vectra’s robust API enables automated response and enforcement with virtually any security solution.