Valence Security: Collaborative SaaS Security Remediation

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CompanyValence Security
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionMiddle East
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


SaaS applications have become deeply embedded in every business function within forward thinking organizations, from sales and marketing to R&D.They are designed to facilitate business productivity and efficiency and empower business users to adopt them at scale without involving IT. As a result, SaaS applications, third-party SaaS-to-SaaS integrations, users and data have evolved into a sprawling SaaS mess. Ungoverned and unmanaged by security teams, it is prone to misconfigurations and misuse.

Current SaaS security solutions such as CASBs fail to provide security teams with sufficient visibility into configurations, connections, access and data sharing. Security teams also lack the business context needed to quickly understand, prioritize, and remediate SaaS risks. They struggle to effectively engage users to ensure that security decisions are made within the context of business need and that end users work with and see security teams and processes as business enablers, not impediments.

Valence provides the first security platform that provides visibility into the entire SaaS risk surface. By engaging with business users, security teams have full visibility and context to understand, manage, and eliminate SaaS risks, fix misconfigurations, and scale security processes without disrupting business productivity or the pace of SaaS adoption

Within minutes, Valence provides organizations with the ability to:

•Fix SaaS Misconfigurations: automate the remediation of SaaS misconfigurations
•Govern SaaS-to-SaaS Integrations: reduce the risks of supply chain attacks through the discovery and removal of risky, unused and suspicious third-party integrations
•Protect Data: apply zero trust principles to secure your data from oversharing and external access that can leave it exposed to potential loss and theft
•Secure Identities: detect unmanaged user identities, apply strong authentication measures, and reduce over privileged access
•Map SaaS Exposure: continuously discover and contextualize SaaS applications, users, permissions, data, and third-party integrations

How we are different

Automated Remediation of SaaS Risks
Valence enables security teams to define security policies and to automate the remediation of SaaS security risks. Unlike existing solutions that mostly focus on visibility into security risks, the Valence platform automatically detects security drifts and applies automated guardrails that go beyond visibility and reduce the workload required to protect critical SaaS data and identities from misconfigurations and ungoverned third-party access. This ensures continuous compliance with industry frameworks such as as CIS, SOC2, ISO 27001 & NIST.

Business User Collaboration
Security teams are dependent on distributed business units and users that adopt and configure critical SaaS applications, to provide insights into SaaS usage and business context. As such, security teams leverage the Valence automated chatbots via email, Slack, etc. to communicate with their users and collaborate in the remediation efforts. This allows the security team to educate business users regarding SaaS security best practices and to enforce SaaS security policies without inhibiting SaaS use or growth, to increase business velocity and innovation. By collaborating with the distributed workforce, security teams can gain critical context into SaaS security risks and scale remediation efforts with minimal overhead.

SaaS-to-SaaS Integration Security
Valence enables security teams to reduce supply chain risks through removal of inactive, risky and over-privileged SaaS-to-SaaS integrations. The platform automatically detects third-party integrations such as API keys, OAuth tokens, no/low-code automation workflows. Afterwards, the platform analyzes the vendors behind such integrations and the API usage patterns, to apply zero trust principles.