ColorTokens Xprotect for Endpoint Protection

Additional Info

CompanyColorTokens Inc.
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


ColorTokens Xprotect takes a more straightforward yet robust approach that works at the kernel level to detect, alert, and prevent unauthorized processes running on endpoints and critical servers. Xprotect features intelligent algorithms for in-depth analyses of every running process and file & network access in the machines. The system processes are analyzed with the ‘known good,’ combined with contextual behavior analysis to detect and stop suspicious activities.

ColorTokens Xprotect addresses the four critical endpoint security considerations put forth by security leaders and enterprise security teams to achieve proactive security:

1) Unprecedented visibility – Visualize how secure you are in real-time. Gain unprecedented process-level visibility and control. Instant alerts on suspicious activity, such as attempts by an “admin” to “end task” the agent process.

2) Advanced attack protection – Protect endpoints and servers against malware, zero-day exploits, ransomware, phishing, and APT lateral threats.

3) Multi-layered positive security approach – a novel cloud-delivered approach that only allows company-sanctioned applications.

4) Protect legacy systems – Lockdown legacy Windows/Linux endpoints and servers running unpatched or unsupported applications.

5) Secure fixed-function terminals – Protect ATMs, ticket vending machines, POS terminals and special-purpose kiosks running on Windows and Linux.

6) Instant protection – Easy deployment across thousands of endpoints. An ultra-lightweight agent that doesn’t degrade system performance. Instant protection – no reboot required after installation.

How we are different

1) Secures patch-less endpoints - When a critical vulnerability is discovered in software, the respective software vendor will attempt to provide a fix (patch), which will then be applied to the software. This process is too slow (weeks to months) and cumbersome, and leaves the vulnerability exposed. Additionally, many vulnerabilities are never even discovered on time, resulting in zero-day attacks. ColorTokens Xprotect manages legacy and patch-less endpoints and servers with ease because it uses process-level threat detection and protection.

2) Avoid alert fatigue - Traditional endpoint protection solutions try to identify bad behavior and acts in a detection and response method, usually involving substantial human interaction for response/mitigation. This falls in the reactive security approach. ColorTokens Xprotect uses inbuilt algorithms to automatically suppress all kinds of suspicious activity on endpoints and servers without any human intervention. The systems stay protected even if they are offline. 

3) Lockdown systems with a multilayered positive approach - Simplified dynamic whitelisting and blacklisting capabilities to either allow only legitimate processes or block all bad processes. It also provides an embedded process level trust score validation engine to compare process threat scores with external sources. Supports configurable parent-child process relationships to prevent day-zero exploits and unusual process behavior such as network or file access. It prevents unauthorized software execution even from users with escalated privileges.