comforte AG Data Security Platform

Additional Info

Companycomforte AG
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


The comforte Data Security Platform provides data discovery, classification, and protection capabilities to ensure compliance with data protection regulations, mitigate data breaches, and enable secure data usage for business applications and analytics.
With over 25 years of IT experience, comforte protects a significant portion of global credit card transactions, employing cutting-edge data protection strategies like tokenization. Trusted by over 500 strategic customers, including Fortune 500 companies like Visa, MasterCard, Shell, and Macy’s, comforte specializes in securing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card industry (PCI) data in key industries.

Key Capabilities
End-to-End Data Protection: Comprehensive protection of sensitive data (PII, PCI, or PHI) at-rest, in-motion, and in-use. Focuses on safeguarding the data itself rather than the systems or devices holding it.
Data Discovery & Classification: Locates known or unknown structured and unstructured sensitive data elements, regardless of whether they are at-rest or in-motion. Offers unmatched accuracy with up to 99% false positive tuning.
Deploy Anywhere: Protection nodes seamlessly integrate with applications and data stores, supporting on-premises, cloud, or hybrid IT environments. Deploys up to 10 times faster compared to traditional solutions.
Multiple Protection Methods: Employs a diverse range of data protection techniques, including data masking, format-preserving hashing, tokenization, and (FPE). Enables pseudonymization or full anonymization of data, suitable for (BYOE) strategy.
Flexible Integration Options: Seamlessly connects any data flow, business application, or data store using smart interceptors or powerful APIs supporting multiple languages and scripts.
Comforte’s Data Security Platform provides a customized approach to identify areas of risk strategically and offers tailored data protection solutions to meet compliance requirements, mitigate risks, and ensure business growth in a secure environment. With industry recognition from top analysts like Gartner and Forrester, comforte’s platform is trusted by major enterprises worldwide for its robust security and innovative data protection strategies.

Key Capabilities / Features

End-to-End data protection: Ensures comprehensive safeguarding of sensitive data (such as PII, PCI or PHI) throughout its lifecycle, whether at rest, in motion, or in use. Focuses on protecting the data itself rather than the systems of devices holding it.
Data discovery and classification: Enables accurate identification of both known and unknown structured sensitive data elements, regardless of their status (at-rest or in-motion), with impressive out-of-the-box accuracy and even higher precision upon tuning.
Deploy anywhere: Offers seamless integration of protection nodes with applications and data stores, facilitating up to 10x faster deployment compared to traditional solutions. Compatible with on-premises, cloud, or hybrid IT environments.
Multiple protection methods: provides a diverse array of data protection techniques including masking, hashing, tokenization, and encryption tailored to specific needs and use cases, enabling pseudonymization, or full anonymization of data. It also supports Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE) strategies for multi cloud environments with optimal control and compliance.
Flexible integration options: facilitates seamless connection of data flows, business applications, and data stores through smart interceptors or powerful APIs supporting multiple languages and scripts.
Configurable security policies: Offers flexibility in defining security policies in balance data security with utility effectively.
Adaptable to change: features a flexible, elastic and seaf-healing architecture that easily scales and adapts to changes and new requirements.

How we are different

1- AI-assisted Data Discovery that finds ALL sensitive data, including data in systems that you didn’t know existed
2- Multiple protection methods for pseudonymization & anonymization while preserving data utility for processing and analytics
3- Deep integration into Kubernetes and VMware combined with Data-Security-As-Code for DevOps & automation and Transparent integration with data flows and applications for fast time-to-value