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Companycomforte AG
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


comforte AG was the first software company worldwide that provided SSL & SSH encryption of data in transit for HPE NonStop. As a result, many financial services organizations around the globe are running their ATM and Point-of-Sale networks securely thanks to comforte AG.

comforte AG’s encryption capabilities were so successful in the market and so essential to the success of the HPE NonStop platform, that their SSL & SSH encryption capabilities were integrated into the HPE NonStop operating system in 2004 and are still being shipped to major financial organizations by default with every new system.

Furthermore, comforte AG added format-preserving encryption to its Enterprise Data Security platform in early 2018 and Gartner Research has recently highlighted comforte AG as a vendor that offers different data-centric protection methods (tokenization, format-preserving encryption, data masking) on one single platform.

How we are different

• Performance and linear scalability for high volumes of data are two very important factors that differentiate comforte from competitors.

• The comforte AG solution is used by over 500 customers around the globe, including 50 in the Fortune 500; and 1 out of every 10 credit cards globally are protected with comforte AG - meaning more than 700 million credit card numbers stored in databases are kept safe by comforte AG.

• Solid customer endorsements, as an example: “The contrast between the full-featured overall package offered by comforte and the more limited, security-focused solution offered by your competitors is quite stark. We are certainly realizing the benefits of your solution in terms of both security and speed.” – Project Lead, Global Payment Service Provider