Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP)

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CompanyComodo Group
Company size (employees)1,000+
Type of solutionSoftware


Comodo Advancd Endpoint Protection (AEP) recently introduced advanced functions allowing enterprises to stop advanced malware (zero days) in their tracks with a file verdicting approach that provides productivity with zero false positives.
As a major component of AEP, Valkyrie, Comodo’s cloud-based file analysis tool, correlates the local view of a file’s activity with a global view. This avoids false positives and false negatives and provides an accelerated verdict to identify malware at the endpoint. Files needing more in-depth analysis will undergo human analysis by security experts within Comodo’s Threat Research Labs.
AEP provides a solution that declares the malware problem “solved,” and there is no longer a “patient zero.” Comodo’s Default Deny platform incorporating Valkyrie ensures that there are no unknown fules able to inflict damage on unsuspecting users while usability remains at a maximum. The result is guaranteed protection without loss of time, money or user productivity.

How we are different

• Improved endpoint security including application control and Security Auto Containment that enables Comodo AEP to arrive determine whether applications/files are known good or bad and place unknown files/applications automatically into containment where they run in a secure container they can be verdicted
• New management functionality remote monitoring (remote desktop) enabling IT staff to save time and money by remotely diagnosing and resolving endpoint security and management issues
• File-less malware containment enables Comodo AEP to stop advanced malware that uses command line parsers (Windows commands, Python, PERL) to directly modify memory rather than a conventional file