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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Comodo
Company size (employees)850
Type of solutionSoftware

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* Unlike traditional antivirus, SecureBox directly protects the application and the data flowing through it instead of trying to defend the user’s device and OS, so it simply doesn’t matter if the endpoint is infected with malware. Instead of trying to identify and disallow known malicious processes (only 45% effective according to Gartner); instead it simply blocks EVERYTHING from interacting with the user session unless specified by the administrator (100% effective). This approach ensures critical application data can’t be stolen or manipulated by either known or unknown threats.

* Unlike P2PE programs, SecureBox customers don’t have to buy all new POI or endpoint hardware, upgrade the devices they already have or standardize on new software platforms. That makes SecureBox more cost effective and easier to implement than other solutions. And its lightweight architecture makes it simple and seamless to the user because it doesn’t hog computing resources or bandwidth. No new hardware. No crippling costs. No large, disruptive implementations. No impact on the user experience.

* Global POS solution company Benseron uses SecureBox in their POS implementations to defend against cardholder data breaches. "We are one of the largest providers of POS technology to restaurants, retail and specialty shops around the globe – through in-store POS as well as tablet and mobile device," said Onur Haytac, CEO, Benseron. "By integrating the Comodo SecureBox technology into our POS offering, we have a new-age containment software that will stop any malware threats immediately. We are very pleased with how quickly Comodo has collaborated to help us customize and tailor the SecureBox solution for our needs."


Most businesses are vigilant enough to use heavy duty firewalls, whitelisting, blacklisting, host intrusion protection, sandboxing and other technologies to protect their corporate networks from cyber-attacks. But the fact is that, in many cases, corporate applications run on devices that are outside the network’s well-defended boundary. What happens when those devices are attacked by malware?

Whether users access applications via card swipe devices, POS terminals, tablets, laptops, PCs or even ATMs, SecureBox protects critical payment and management application data even when it’s moving around from system to system and device to device outside of secure network environments.

At the endpoint, SecureBox shields application data like login credentials, cardholder data, personal information, patient records and even classified information from malware by running user sessions inside security-hardened containers that treat all other active processes as hostile. Utilizing multiple cutting-edge technologies, SecureBox isolates applications and data on the users’ device, providing total protection from malware like keyloggers, SSL sniffers, memory scrapers, screen scrapers, remote takeover and worse.

Extensive configurability and automation take the headaches out of administration. The management console provides flexible control over global application security policy, delivers threat reports and alerts and has available safeguards to prevent users from disabling SecureBox or tampering with the protection levels set by the administrator. SecureBox can be configured to prevent all manner of dangerous activities and features from operating inside the protective container, including downloads, offline access, copy/paste, print screen and more.

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