Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy Platform

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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware


In today’s threat landscape, you need a strategy to protect the privacy, personal devices, and homes of your C-Suite, Board Members, and key personnel when they are outside of corporate security. This strategy must recognize that executives will use personal devices and connect to networks that lack enterprise-grade controls. It must report back to you on specific threats while separating company personnel to ensure privacy. And it must maintain service level agreements. BlackCloak is a pioneer of digital executive protection specifically for corporate executives and high-profile individuals. We help CISOs like you protect your company by protecting your executives in their personal digital lives.
Our holistic, SaaS-based Concierge Cybersecurity and Privacy Platform™ is purpose-built to defend your executive’s and their family’s from security and privacy risks such as cyberattack, financial fraud, credential theft, impersonation attempts, identity theft, and harassment, among others threats. Platform features include monthly data broker removal, weekly deep & dark web scans, credit freezing, monthly penetration testing on home networks, ongoing botnet monitoring, personal device security, threat monitoring and attack remediation, and more. By combining proprietary technology with white glove concierge support and a US-based security operations center, we eliminate a growing burden to a CISOs resource-strapped security team by securing your C-Suite and Board Members, and their families, privacy, reputation, and finances. In doing so, we’re actively reducing the risk of advanced threats moving laterally into your organization for nefarious purposes.
With BlackCloak, we help protect your executives’ personal digital lives — and ensure your peace of mind — anytime, anywhere.

How we are different

- Executives Want Privacy. We Manage Their Privacy Protections - Executive’s personal information is everywhere online. We repeatedly remove their PII from over 120 online data brokers and the dark web, and help ensure that their personal devices, networks, Internet of Things, apps, and passwords meet the most stringent of privacy, hardening, and authentication controls.

- CISOs Need to Ensure Their Executives’ Safety on Travel and at Home. We Protect their Digital Safety (and therefore their Physical Safety too) - The collision of the physical and digital worlds has emboldened cybercriminals to exploit security gaps that put executives, and by extension their companies, at risk. Through holistic privacy and cybersecurity protection, we proactively reduce the risk of executives’, and their families, becoming victims of cyber extortion, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying; as well as online and in-person harassment, impersonations, and threats to physical safety.

- CISOs Need to Protect Company Data. We Help Prevent Data Breaches - To workaround corporate security, cybercriminals are increasingly attempting to hack executives in their personal lives and obtain the credentials needed to access proprietary, sensitive and lucrative company data. Our US-based security operations center deploys a combination of enterprise-grade and proprietary technology to prevent, detect, and respond to cyberattacks that manifest when executives are outside of enterprise security control including home network scans, personal devices and social media accounts, and more.