Continuity Wins the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for the Data Security Category

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware


Storage and backup are some of an organization’s most important assets in protecting organizations’ data, yet they are the only layers of IT not covered by traditional vulnerability management tools.

This is alarming given the fact that, unlike an attack on individual endpoints or servers, which can cause problems, an attack that targets storage systems can be truly devastating.

A compromise of a single storage array can bring down thousands of servers – and wipe out petabytes of data, a frightening prospect given the rise in ransomware attacks over the past three years that target corporate data.

Continuity created StorageGuard to fill this major gap.

The product continuously scans data storage, storage management and backup systems for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. It then automatically prioritizes and remediates the most urgent security risks, giving organizations the peace of mind that their data is secure.

How we are different

- Continuity's StorageGuard is the industry’s ONLY vulnerability management solution for storage & backup systems, helping organizations protect their most valuable data.

- StorageGuard complements existing vulnerability management and data protection tools, to give organizations the peace of mind that their storage & backup systems can withstand ransomware and other attacks targeting their data.

- In addition to detecting security risks, StorageGuard also includes a unique new feature; one-click remediation. This helps busy IT and Security departments to auto-remediate security risks