CounterTack Endpoint Threat Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)CounterTack
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware

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Most EDR solutions can best be described as event-based. They monitor for OS events and use Incidents of Compromise (IoCs) to determine if an attack has happened. Event-based EDR vendors needs to see an attack and then update their IoCs, leaving their users exposed in the interim.
• CounterTack was the first EDR solution based on behavior. CounterTack’s unique and true behavior approach applies in-memory threat detection. We introduced our patented Digital DNA over 10 years ago. It detects suspicious behavior in the one place cybercriminals can’t avoid detection – in memory. Digital DNA is truly the last line of defense and the most reliable solution for detecting new and unknown attacks that other solutions miss. It is a technology that is licensed to other security solutions including Symantec, Rapid 7 and several others under non-disclosure.

• CounterTack provides truly Predictive EDR. Other solutions can’t discover threats until they carry out their behaviors (post-breach). Digital DNA observes behaviors as they unfold in memory. CounterTack applies predictive analytics that 1) Scores behaviors based on suspiciousness. 2) Puts the behaviors in context, and 3) Predicts what the behaviors will do, with accuracy and confidence.

• CounterTack is the only solution architected on a Big Data platform that stores and manages more behavioral data than any other solutions – a necessity in detecting unknown threats. Other EDR solutions store data for weeks, some for only days. Average dwell time – the time between an initial compromise, lateral movement through the network and when a breach is fixed – is 229 days. CounterTack stores an unlimited amount of data for an unlimited amount of time.

Brief Overview

CounterTack Endpoint Threat Platform (ETP)
CounterTack delivers Predictive Endpoint Detection and Response. CounterTack’s combines our patented Digital DNA, with Predictive Analytics and a Big Data backend that:
• Detects more threatening behaviors than any other EDR solution.
• Predicts what behavior will do and how they impact endpoints
• Automatically responds to identified behavior without intervention
• And stores and manages more data for more detailed threat hunting
CounterTack empower Security Teams to adopt more agile and proactive threat management strategies to protect their sensitive data and ensure uninterrupted business operations. It is available through our network of MSSP partners, AWS cloud services or on-premise to scale from Small/medium enterprises to large and distributed environments.